Sea, Lighthouse and Wordless Conversation #flashfiction #shortstory #love

In the middle of the night Himu said to Trina, “Let’s go and walk on the beach.”

Trina was quite surprised because both of them were drunk and walking on an unknown beach in the middle of the night  was not safe. But Himu insisted, “Don’t worry, let’s go, nothing will happen.”

He had some kind of conviction in his voice that Trina felt assured. She got up from the bed to change her clothes. Himu looked at her and said with a wide grin on his face “Don’t change, come like this.”

Trina’s eyes became wide with surprise, how can she go to the beach wearing a skimpy kaftan in the middle of the night. Moreover, she was drunk and feeling dizzy from the vodka. Himu took her hand and started walking. Their hotel was right on the beach, so after leaving the entrance of the hotel they were on the beach.

It was a moonless night and the beach was dark. Intermittent fluorescent blue beams from the Lighthouse were encircling in a circle striking the darkness of the sea. The flashes were streaking the sea with silver glitters. The same flash on the white sand of the beach was making it look like a white stream. The rocks protruding their heads out of the sea looked like men from the warrior tribe waiting to launch an attack. The sporadic darkness and silvery shine at rhythmic intervals created waves of ‘mute’ music. Well, it was not all mute either, the rippling waves followed by thrusting on the rocks created a unique orchestra.


Usually dark and deserted places made Trina insecure but this place seemed beyond mankind and its menaces. Himu and Trina were walking silently holding each other’s hands. Trina came little closer and held his upper arm. Her body brushing against his body. The cool breeze from the sea was making Trina shiver. Her kaftan was clinging to her undergarment-less body making all her curves prominent.  Her body resembled the statutes found in various caves of India. She clutched Himu tightly. The vodka was making her head feel light and the wind made her body feel weightless. They walked like this for quite some time.

Himu and Trina sat down on the beach. The warm sand felt against their bodies. They sat close to each other silently, listening to the sound of the sea. They sat like that for a long time. They were not exchanging a single word yet they were having a conversation. The wordless conversation was pregnant with unexpressed emotions that both of them had kept sealed in the deepest cavities of their hearts. That night would be frozen in time for eternity.



8 thoughts on “Sea, Lighthouse and Wordless Conversation #flashfiction #shortstory #love

  1. Moon says:

    Ah!the wordless conversation. Loved it , Balaka. Harmony in passion, silence in love- I guess the material that deepest love stories are made of. I feel terrible for them now. They really could have been- together forever.

    Liked by 1 person

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