Pablo is Born

Pablo was very happy and comfortable inside Ma. He was always able to hear and feel Ma. His Ma always ate nice foods which Pablo easily swallowed. Pablo particularly loved when Ma ate that cold and creamy sweet thing, which later on he came to know is called ice cream. There was a man who always forced Ma to eat things which Pablo as well as Ma hated like green green slimy things and big big hard hard oval things. This man was Pablo’s Baba who always made both Pablo and Ma eat medicines and green leafy vegetables something which made both Ma and Pablo nauseous.

Pablo believed he would remain inside Ma forever. Then one day he heard Ma screaming. Then he heard his Baba also talking anxiously and loudly, he heard another lady also crying. Something was wrong inside Ma’s stomach, something was shrinking. Suddenly he heard loud commotion outside; Pablo could feel somebody was doing something to his Ma’s stomach. Suddenly he saw a ray of light peeking inside. And within few minutes he saw that Ma’s stomach has been ripped open and a hand has come inside Ma and it was trying to get hold of Pablo.

Pablo got very scared, he started screaming. He was pulled out of Ma’s stomach and into the gloved hands of some stranger. Who are these people? How strange they look. So big they are. Pablo was transferred from one hand to the other and someone came and tried to clean him with water. Pablo was constantly screaming but no one was listening. After sometime Pablo was given to another lady, who started shaking him vigorously and laughing, everybody looked happy but where is Ma? These women are not Ma. Pablo started crying loudly. Why is this weird lady jumping with me, and who is that strange man with a black hairy thing. Pablo wanted to run away from these peculiar creatures. Then Pablo heard the voice which appeared familiar. Oh yes this is the man who always forced Ma to eat those slimy green things. He is must be Baba. At least this man is known. He felt slightly relaxed but where is Ma? Why did they pull out of Ma? He started crying at the top of his tiny voice.

After long time Pablo was taken to a room and put on the bed beside a lady, Pablo felt a familiar touch. The softness and the warmth made Pablo comfortable and he knew it was Ma. He felt comfortable and fell asleep. That weird lady and Baba was also in the same room but Pablo knew that now he is safe with Ma. He just clung tightly to the edge of his Ma’s hospital apron and fell asleep. This is how Pablo was born.

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