An Endless Night Sky

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you” said Trina

“WHAT!!! Why?”- asked Himu in a surprised tone

“Just like that” said Trina

“What?? Just like that!” said Himu

“Because I like being with you” said Trina

“Why do you like being with me?” asked Himu

“Because, I can be myself when I am with you” said Trina

“What does being myself mean to you?” asked Himu

“Well, being myself means” Trina paused and started thinking for a suitable answer. She was biting her lower lips and rolling her eyeballs up and down and thinking. Himu was looking at her with an amused and naughty look on his face. A look that is very unlike Himu.

Trina said “I want to gaze the stars with you on a moonless night”

“Cliché” said Himu “Most romantic films have used this dialogue”

“Well, probably it is a cliché but still I want to do this with you” Trina said

“Where are you going to sit and watch the stars with me?” asked Himu

Trina replied excitedly with a renewed enthusiasm “I want to sit on a lonely beach with you and stargaze. The beach would be so lonely that only the sound of the waves would be the only audible thing.” She said these words like an excited school girl, talking about her first outdoor excursion.

“Where are you going to find such a lonely beach in India” Himu asked in his habitual sceptical tone.

“Will search. Am sure we will find one” said Trina in a slightly dampened tone.

“You don’t need to spend the rest of your life with me only to watch stars one single night. We can do that anyway.” Said Himu

“I also want to walk barefoot on the beach with you.” Said Trina

“Yes, even that can be done the same night” replied Himu

“There are lot more other things I want to do with you. This was just an example.” Replied Trina. Her tone sounded irritated.

“And what are those?” asked Himu

“I want to read books and poems with you” said Trina

“This happens when we read too many romantic novels or watch movies” said Himu sarcastically

“What is wrong in reading romantic novels?” asked Trina

“Nothing, it just fills your brains with bullshit.” Replied Himu.

“You call this bullshit?” asked Trina

“Of course” said Himu

“I want to share my silence with you.” Said Trina

“You are a chatterbox who never stays silent. How would you share silence with me?” asked Himu

“With you I want to be silent and just sit quietly.” Said Trina

“I will get bored if you are quiet.” Said Himu

“You like my non-stop chattering?” asked Trina

“Of course I do.” Said Himu

“But you are always quiet, and I always thought that you get bugged by my chattering” said Trina delightedly.

“Probably because I am a man of few words, I like to be with you. Opposites attracts as they say.” Said Himu

“So you mean to say that you are attracted to me.” Said Trina, with an impish wide grin on her face.

“Well, now you are trying to put words in my mouth.” Said Himu guardedly.

“No, I am not” protested Trina

“Yes you are” said Himu

“Is there any harm in liking me? Himu” asked Trina

“No harm in liking but I don’t want you to expect anything more from me. I do not believe in love or commitments” replied Himu

“Are you commitment phobic?” asked Trina

“I do not know what is commitment phobia” replied Himu

“What is the problem in falling in love” asked Trina

“No problem, it is just that I do not want to fall in love etc. I don’t believe in that” said Himu

“So what do you call our relationship?” asked Trina

“I call it nothing” replied Himu

“If it is nothing, then why do you want to meet me almost every day? Why do call me? Why?” asked Trina

“Because, I enjoy meeting you. Thats it. As simple as that. Do not try to complicate things” said Himu

“So, you just want to enjoy with me?” asked Trina curtly

“If you put it that way, then perhaps yes.” Said Himu rudely.

Trina stayed silent for some time, then she said “I believe in love, I believe in romance, I believe in lifelong commitments, I believe in till death do us apart, I believe in drama, I believe in two bodies one soul, I believe in everything beautiful that can happen between two people.” Her voice was choking while saying this.

“You are an idiot” said Himu

“No, I am not.” Said Trina. She stood up and left the place, tears welling down her cheeks.

Two years later they met again….and then…….to be continued……...








8 thoughts on “An Endless Night Sky

  1. vishalbheeroo says:

    I enjoy the way you narrated this unique tale. Perhaps it should be called something else for every relationship is special. The emotions that you injected makes it an extraordinary tale not without conflict. Can’t help to read next part.

    Liked by 1 person

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