Not Love Story

Disclaimer: This is a play written using both English and Bengali in Roman script. The protagonists of the play always talk to each other using the internet in Roman script the way millions of new age Bongs do. Deliberately no translation is provided.

Ekti Na-Premer Galpo

Prahar sesher aloy ranga sedin chaitramas…tomar chokhe dekhechilem amar sarbonash

She usually never comments on the timeline of strangers but this time she was tempted. She had to comment “Are you the same Amit Ray from Sesher Kobita?”

Amit Ray: Unfortunately or fortunately NO.

Do you know this poem?

Amra dujon ekti gaye thaki
Ei amader ekmatro shukh
Tader gachhe gai je doyel pakhi
Tahar gaane amar nache buk
Tahar duti palon kora bhera
Chore berai moder botomule
Jodi bhange amar kheter bera
Koler pore ni tahare tule

Amader ei gayer namti khanjana
Amader ei nodir namti anjana
Amar namto jane gayer pachjone
Amader shei tahar namti ranjana

Are you that Ranjana?

Ranjana: Ha ha ha, Unfortunately or fortunately NO.

Amit Ray: My parents were so fond of Sesher Kabita that my entire life I had to stay the namesake of the protagonist subjecting myself to taunts from friends and online pretty girls.

Ranjana: Are you referring to me as the online pretty girl?

Amit: Yes, for sure.

Ranjana: Well, I am flattered; however you are bad at assumption regarding online girls.

Amit: No, I am not, I saw your profile picture and you are quite pretty.

Ranjana: Thanks for the compliment but don’t be fooled by that picture as it is of some model from google images.

Amit: Oh really!! Then why am I talking to you? I should be looking for that model.

Ranjana: You!!!So, you only care about looks?

Amit: Ha ha ha… relax, just playing my alter ego defined by Tagore. Are all Presidency girls like this, quick to fight?

Ranjana: How on earth do you know I am from Presidency?

Amit: Found out from your profile.

Ranjana:  What else you found out?

Amit: A lot. You are from Shillong. Studied in St Mary’s, and now studying in Presidency Kolkata.

Which subject are you studying?

Ranjana: I am studying English Honours.

You seem to be living in Boston. Are you in MIT?

Amit: Precisely, Yes. MS in electronics and telecommunication.

Ranjana: MIT!!! You must be studious and meritorious. So you are basically from St. Xaviers, Kolkata and then IIT, Kharagpur.

Amit: Oh!! You are good at spying. Ever thought of joining FBI?

Ranjana: There is nothing to spy. It is all mentioned in your profile.

Amit:  Hmmm



Ranjana: Hi Amit, how are you? Very busy? Not seeing you online these days. I have so many things to tell you. I watched so many amazing movies. I read ‘Kite runner’. Thanks Amit for recommending that book. It was awesome. You always recommend me the best books and movies.

Tomar review na shune kono boi kinina ba cinema dekhina.

Amit: Hellloooooooooo….feeling great talking to you after such a long time.

‘Kite Runner’ novel is good; now try to watch the movie also. Usually novels and their cinematic versions are very different but in this case the movie was made equally good.

Khaled  Hosseni is relatively a young author but he speaks amazing. Try reading his other two books  ‘Thousand Splendid Suns’ and “And the mountain echoed”

Ranjana: I have to tell you something.

Amit: What??? Why is my gut feeling saying that you are blushing.

Ranjana: OMG!! Your gut feeling is right.

Amit: Hmmm!! So what is the good news?

Ranjana: I met a guy in my office. I am dating him. We have started going out for movies and dinner. He is an amazing person, exactly like you. He likes the same kind of books and music and movies that you like. He can play the guitar just like Bob Marley. I am sure you will like him when you meet.

Amit: Oh! That is good. Congrats. What is his name?

Ranjana: His name is Himanshu Chatterjee. I call him Himu.

Amit: Ahem!! Himu.What does he call you-Rimu?

Ranjana: Be Serious!! Now listen, next week Himu is flying to USA. He is going onsite from our company. He will be staying in New York itself.  I believe his office will also be close to your office. I have given him your phone number. Please help him. He is travelling abroad for the first time.

Amit: What?! How can you give a random stranger my phone number? What happens if he turns out to be a complete psychopath?

Ranjana: Excuse me Sir! He is not a random stranger but my fiancé.

Amit: Has he already proposed to you?

Ranjana: Not yet, maybe once he settles in his job he will.

Amit: Good he hasn’t proposed yet.

Ranjana: Why good?

Amit: Good because that means he is not yet your official fiancé and I still have chance.

Ranjana: Now stop all this PJ!! But please take care of him; else he will be all alone in a foreign city.

Amit: Jo Hukum Madam.




Amit: Hello Madam, your Himu landed safely in the United States of America and following that landed in my home and spoiled my whole weekend.

Ranjana: How did he spoil your weekend? What did he do?

Amit: Basically he spoiled my weekend because he did nothing. He didn’t clean his plates after eating. He didn’t make his bed after waking up. Threw his stuff all over my place and never picked them up.

Please tell your sweetheart that this is not India. Here we neither have maids nor mummy to do the chores and I am not his wife.

Ranjana: I am so sorry Amit. I will explain him. Oke bujhiye debo.

Amit: Please do. Had he not been your boyfriend I wouldn’t have tolerated him.

Ranjana: Ohhh!! am soooooo sorry.

Amit: He smells and doesn’t put the toilet seat down. Yuck!!!

Ranjana: Ha ha ha…You seem really angry..khub rege gecho dekhi J

Amit: Hmmm

Ranjana: But, Himu was appreciating you a lot. He was very happy with your hospitality.

Amit: Free lunch!! Bina paisar hotel pele sabai orakam khushi hay.

Ranjana: Ha ha ha

Amit: And, please change your profile picture…with that stupid pout your face resembles a pig.

Ranjana: How nasty of you…everybody said I am looking like a model.

Amit: Himu marka kono gardhob boleche…he surely likes pigs..because he himself is one.

Ranjana: Ja ta




Amit: Hello Madam, I seriously doubt your taste for men. You have a gentleman like me as your friend and a horrible idiot as your boyfriend.

Ranjana: Keno abar ki holo?? What happened?

Amit: Nothing in particular. Only I cannot tolerate Himu on every weekend. Sab weekend ei ese body fele dey.

Ranjana: I know he went to your place as he had nothing to do. He was feeling homesick and he loves going to your place because there he can speak in Bangla and eat Bengali food.

Amit: Fair enough, but please ask him to cook, at least help me in cooking. Ato bangali ranna khawar sakh then ask him to learn cooking.

Ranjana: Oh my God! Amit you are talking like a grumpy wife complaining about her husband to the mom-in-law.

Amit: How did you even fall in love with him in such a short time? I pity you if you ever end up marrying this idiot.

Ranjana: Papa don’t Preach!!!Tomar otoh gyan dewar kichu nei. Everyone doesn’t need a long time to fall in love. Few relations just happen. All relationships are not the same.

Amit: Well then just get rid of him. There are plenty of nice guys out there.

Ranjana: Ufff… instead of lecturing me why don’t you find a girl for yourself? There are plenty of nice girls out there.

Amit: I agree there are nice girls, but those girls are not meant for me.

Ranjana: How do you know that they are not meant for you? You need to explore them.

Amit: I have better things to do in life.

Ranjana: May I know, what are those “better” things?

Amit: Chatting with you J

Ranjana: Very funny…stop all this and find a girl.

Amit: I thought I found one but she friendzoned me.

Ranjana: Who??

Amit: You

Ranjana: Dhet!! Khali baje boka….

Amit: Ha ha ha..Just Kidding.




Ranjana: Amit, Amit Amit…. I need a favour.

Amit: Abar ki holo?

Ranjana: My niece Khushi is going to New York. Himu was going to pick her up from the airport but he had to go to Chicago for some work. Would you please pick her up from the airport? She has found an apartment in downtown New York. I do not know the exact address. Please pick her up and drop her.

Amit: Hmmm….ami ki tomar puro gushtir pick and drop person?

Ranjana: Rege gele? A girl in a new foreign city.

Amit: ei start abola naari trump card use kora… when needed women empowerment when needed damsel in distress.

Ranjana: Ha ha ha…please be on time. I am messaging you her flight details.

Amit: Ki jalaton….weekend either tolerate your obnoxious boyfriend or pick up your relative. I have nothing else to do in life it seems.





Amit: Bibahita mohilader jonyo notun niyom. Alaper prothomei tader
either “ami bibahito” noito “my husband …” diye kono
sentence shuru kora uchit. Eteh onyo bekti bhul pathey chalona howa
thekeh bechey jai.

Ranjana: hatath erakam ekta sermon dile keno??? recently kono bibahito mohilar dara protarito hayecho naki????

Amit: I met this lady, couple of times and then when I asked her what she is doing this Saturday, she replied “I am going to Austin to meet my husband.

Ranjana: Ha ha ha… Did you want to take her out on a date?

Amit: Not a date.. .. “hang out together”…

Ranjana: oi kathar marpyanch…. btw tumi je dukku peyecho ta bujhchi.….don’t worry, peye jabe single mohila…Are you looking for a date? Why don’t you date my niece Khushi.

Amit: The women in your family have bad taste for men, so am sure she will eventually choose some idiot like Himu. She wouldn’t appreciate a Kohinoor like me. Exactly the way you chose Himu over me.

Ranjana: Amit, you never showed any interest in me. However, honestly, I feel our relationship is better than any other relationship. Our relationship is unique. We will never ever be married yet I somehow feel this is a relationship for eternity.

Amit: Till death do us apart….

Ranjana: Absolutely!! And, for your kind information Himu is not as bad as you make him sound. Secondly my boudi, I mean Khushi’s Mom would love to have you as son-in-law.

Amit: What is the point if only the mom-in-law like me and not her daughter? I better marry the mom-in-law.

Ranjana: You have become pure American.

You should really settle down now. How long are you going to stay like this?

Amit: Why are you behind my happiness?

Ranjana: But seriously don’t you want to get married ever?

Amit: To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I will not marry a wife who will accept me.

Ranjana: Nonsense, find a nice American bombshell and get married. We will all come to USA to attend it.

Amit: Miss Bombshell will provide nothing but shrapnel wounds. It’s not that I’m against marriage it’s just that I don’t want to destroy someone’s life.

Ranjana: Why will her life be destroyed by marrying you? You are such a great guy.

Amit: Well the girls I want to marry are either already married or in the process of getting married. Rest are not for me.

Ranjana: Well if she is not married yet, you still have a chance.

Amit: Hmmm. So I still have a chance with you?

Ranjana: Khali baje boka.




Ranjana: ajkal amake lukiye lukiye anek kichu kora hacche.

Amit: sokal sokal mithya durnaam keno diccho?

Ranjana: Why did you keep it secret that you went on a date with Khushi?

Amit: Date with Khushi?? I think it was more of a date with your darling Himu.

Ranjana: Don’t lie to me. Himu told me that you and Khushi went for a movie followed by dinner last weekend.

Amit: R Himu eta boleni j o sarakhon kebab me haddir moto amader majhe bose chilo… he was throughout with us…by the way tell me…pratyek weekened tomar ei Himu amar ghare keno chaape? Please marry him and come as soon as possible, so that he will leave us alone.

Ranjana: I think Himu and you are about to make the sequel of Brokeback mountain.

Amit: I would rather make that sequel with Gaddafi.




Ranjana: Amit,Himu says he cannot marry me because his family wouldn’t accept me. My parents want us to get married soon. However Himu is saying that he cannot go against his family to marry me.

Amit: Good for you.

Ranjana: Iyarki merona Amit. This is no time to joke. Yesterday I called Himu but his number is unreachable. Amit please try and speak to him.

Amit: In this particular scenario I would rather be a match breaker than a match maker. Anyway just for the sake of you I would talk to him. Tomorrow I am going to New Jersey with Khushi. Will talk to Himu on Monday. Is that okay?

Ranjana: Ya ok. Have you and Khushi moved in together?

Amit: That would be a more practical solution as it would save Khushi’s rent but I am an old fashioned man. I would only move in with her when she becomes my wife.

Ranjana: Tomra ki next year biye korar plan korcho?

Amit: I am ready to marry this fall itself. Khushi wants some more time to “decide”.

Ranjana: Hmmm. She is still quite young.

Amit: Do you think she is too young for me? I mean 10 years age gap. Is it too much?

Ranjana: I think age gap is not a factor; the level of maturity is what matters.

Amit: Hmmm well if I take her mental maturity into consideration then the gap will be more like 20.

Ranjana: She is not that bad. I personally feel you are a suitable boy for Khushi. You will make her happy. In fact you are the kind of person who will make any girl happy.

Amit: Hai re!!! Jagater sab meye Jodi tomar moto bhabto.

Ranjana: ha ha ha




Ranjana: My parents think that this guy whom they found through a matrimonial site is perfect for me. But, I am not sure. I think I still love Himu. I cannot get over him.

Amit: Forget that bastard Himu. I never liked him. God knows what you found in him. He is neither good looking nor well behaved. Tomake du line guitar bajiye Bob Marley gaan besuro golay shonalo r tumi gole gele.

Ranjana: Maybe he is not perfect, but I loved him with his imperfections.

Amit: Stop acting like Bengali film heroines. Jattosab!! Had you married him your life would have become hell.  I didn’t tell you this. Last weekend we met Himu inWalmart. He was trying to avoid us. Khushi oke anek jhar diyeche. He didn’t say much and just left as soon as he could. Later on I asked Khushi that she shouldn’t have over reacted.

Ranjana: I know this, Khushi called me.

Amit: She did? She didn’t tell me.




Amit: Tomar biyer card khub sundar hayeche. I think you took a good decision in getting married. Subroto seems like a gentleman from whatever you said. Far better than that Himu. I wish you a happy married life.

Ranjana: Thanks. I received your gift yesterday. Very thoughtful of both you and Khushi. Now, next you guys are in line. Get married soon.

Amit: All intention to. I will mail you few photos of rings. Please help me choose a ring for Khushi.

Ranjana: Oh My my!! You going to propose Khushi formally?

Amit: Yessss…if you could see my cheeks now. I am blushing. He he he

Ranjana: I am so happy for both of you.




Ranjana: Amit, I am sorry to disturb you. Just now Himu had called. He was crying inconsolably. He says he will not be able to live without me. He had never thought that I would actually get married to someone else. I am feeling so terrible.

Amit: Ignore him, go ahead and get married. Tomorrow is your wedding. Why are you up now awake? Go and sleep. Don’t even think about Himu.

Ranjana: He was telling so many things, he said sorry so many times. He was crying.


Ranjana: But Amit…





Ranjana: Hi

Amit: Hi, kemon acho? Biyer pore bepatta ekdam.

Ranjana: I quit my job. I have become a home maker.

Amit: WHAT??? Why on earth did you quit such a lucrative job?

Ranjana: My husband and my mother-in-law don’t like me working.

Amit: They knew you were a working woman, why did they go ahead.

Ranjana: My Mom-in-law feels that if I go to work, my house gets neglected, my husband doesn’t get to eat good food and if I have a baby sooner or later, the baby will also get neglected.

Amit: What the hell…r eisab baje katha shune tumio chakri chere bose gele?

Ranjana: Yes

Amit: Amazing…koti koti pronam tomay.




Amit: Chakri chere diye afuronto samay nischai hathe. I am sure you are utilising your free time by watching movies and reading books. Which book did you read recently?

Ranjana: None.

Amit: Why?? What you do throughout the day?

Ranjana: Lots of work. I wake up at 5 am, take a bath, then I go to the puja room. My Mom-in-law has a Gopal. I cook the bhog three times a day. Guests keep coming over. I also have to prepare Subroto’s breakfast and the lunch that I pack for him. Then I cook the afternoon meals. Whole day I am in the kitchen. My family love to eat a lot of things.

Amit: Hmmm, am I talking to the same Ranjana, I knew?

Ranjana: Yes

Amit: Er theke Himu bhalo chilo.

Ranjana: ha ha ha…takhon to galagal dite.




Amit: Khushi and I broke up. I guess she must have already told you. So I’ve returned the rings, cancelled the wedding hall/caterer etc. My parents are devastated.

Ranjana: Yes, she did. I am feeling terrible about it. I always thought you both were an excellent couple.

Amit: That is the irony; all of us thought we were an excellent couple but Khushi.

Ranjana: I am sorry on her behalf. She is my niece and that makes me feel even guiltier.

Amit: Please, don’t feel sorry. It is not your fault.




Ranajan: Oh Amit! I don’t get to talk to you these days.

Amit: Talk through telepathy with me. How are you? Kothay Ghurte gele?

Ranjana: Went nowhere. I heard you spoke with Subroto yesterday. But pajita didn’t tell me that till today evening. Subroto is now hell bent on getting you married to some nice girl.

Amit: He is jealous of my freedom. Nijeh jobai hoyechey bolleh jealous of my freedom. . Ki r kora jabeh. Oi laddu ami gilchi na. With women I have a adai kachkolai somporko. They are good as friends but the moment I proceed further shob bhestey jai. Personal experience 🙂

I probably transmit a radio signal  – “stay away” “stay away”

Ranjana: Eta tomar abhimaan er katha.

Amit: No this is anything sentimental but hardcore reality, women avoid me like the plague.

Ranjana: I don’t, I am also a woman.

Amit: Tomar opottya sneha.




Ranjana: How are you after the hurricane? I was worried.

Amit: I am absolutely fine. Has junior started playing football inside you?

Ranjana: Yes, throughout the day and also night.

Amit: Good, good, he has the potential to play for Real Madrid. Have you started reading things about pregnancy and childbirth? You better start. I will mail you few website links.

Ranjana: How do you know about child birth websites?

Amit: Arrey!! Just because am unmarried and not yet a father, don’t underestimate me. Thanks to my friends I know a lot about these things. Ask me any question that you have in mind.

Ranjana: Hmmm

Amit: What hmmm? Are you eating properly? Are you sleeping well? Are you feeling happy?

Ranjana: I am trying to eat well. I am sleeping a lot but happiness I am not sure about.

Amit: I guessed that. Can I call you? Maybe talking to a clown like me will make you happy.

Ranjana: Yes, Amit please call.




Ranjana: It was great talking to you yesterday.

Amit: The feeling is mutual.

Ranjana: Amar ajkal khub kanna pai Amit.

Amit: I guess your hormones are playing truant. I think it was an unwise decision on your part to plan the baby so soon.

Ranjana: It just happened.

Amit: In today’s modern world nothing “just happens”. It happened because you wanted it to happen.

Ranjana: Jani na.




Amit: Ranjana, when will you come online? I also mailed you. I hope you are fine. I know it is upsetting for you to receive this news at such an advanced stage of pregnancy. But please take care. Talk to me please. I am equally shattered.

Ranjana: Amit, I am fine. I was more worried for you.

Amit: Thank God! You are online.

Ranjana: Yes, I am after a long time.

Amit: Are you fine?

Ranjana: Yes, I am…are you fine Amit? I never thought about this. Yesterday boudi came and gave me the invitation card. But who told you?

Amit: Khushi sent me a text and also said both she and Himu will be “delighted” if I could attend their wedding.

Ranjana: By text?

Amit: Yes, here texts are free while phone calls and stamps cost money. I really got worried about you. I don’t want you to get upset now, it will harm the baby.

Ranjana: No, I am not upset. A little amused probably. How life turns upside down.

Amit: Don’t bother. I guess they deserve each other. Remember I once told you jokingly that the women in your family have a fascination for Himu. Ha ha ha.

Ranjana: I guess, yes, Isn’t it funny? My niece is now the wife of my ex-boyfriend.

Amit: Baad dao, America te oisab hardam hay. Nijer ma anek samay ex-boyfriend er bou haye jai.

Ranjana: Maybe.




Ranjana: Amit, kemon acho?

Amit: Ami Bhalo. How are you? Which books are you reading? Did you watch any new movie? How is your daughter doing?

Ranjana: Daughter is fine. I don’t get time to read books or watch movies.

Amit: Did you travel to any new place?

Ranjana: Nope.

Amit: Must be partying a lot.

Ranjana: I hardly go out of the house.

Amit: You don’t even come online.

Ranjana: Yes

Amit: Then what do you do throughout the day?

Ranjana: Lots of household work, taking care of the child.

Amit: Hmmm. Take out some ‘me’ time. You deserve it.

Ranjana: Will try to.

Amit: Don’t become unsocial. Unsocial hawata amar kaaj tomar na. You try to remain the vivacious, fun-loving, talkative girl that you are. Read and travel. I know those are your favourite. Make a trip to Europe.

Ranjana: Ha ha ha, Europe is now an impossible dream. Subroto doesn’t want to go to anywhere beyond Puri.

Amit: Be happy, I miss that happy girl.




Ranjana: Amit, I am not good. Subroto wants a separation.

Amit: Hmm. I knew this was coming.

Ranjana: How did you know?

Amit: We know each other since last 20 years. Etuku na bojhar ki ache?

Ranjana: Yes, I have shared my life more with you than anybody else.

Amit: I did the same. I guess.

Ranjana: Ar parchina, I am very tired. I cannot go on like this.

Amit: What are you thinking?

Ranjana: He wants separation but I do not know how I would cope without him. I will also have to think about my daughter. She is growing up, I need money for her education, marriage etc.

Amit: The biggest blunder you did was quitting your job. Aj chakri thakle ei haal hotona.

Ranjana: I need a job.

Amit: Good decision. Start looking for a job. I will also ask my contacts if they can help.

Ranjana: I do not have a place to go other than this house. I do not want to go back to my parents. Life would be equally difficult there.

Amit: Let me see what I can do.



Ranjana: It is almost a year and you have not taken a single rupee rent for your house. If you do this I am not going to stay.

Amit: Will take rent along with interests.

Ranjana: When, may I know?

Amit: On my wedding.

Ranjana: And when is the subhadin?

Amit: Asbe asbe, sabure mewa fale.

Ranjana: R mewa…you know I read a ghost story long back, they said if a guy dies bachelor he becomes a munjia, a very bad type of ghost.

Amit: Amazing. It would be thrilling to scare people as a ghost.




Amit: I hope the wedding went on fine. Beshi kannakati karoni to?

Ranjana: Ya everything went on fine. I didn’t get the time to cry. So many guests, managing everything alone was tough. I wish you were here to help me. Ronu was also missing you.

Amit: I really wanted to. I hope Ronu liked the necklace I had sent. Ota ashirbaad e diyechile to?

Ranjana: Yes, gave it during ashirbaad. She loved it. She wanted to do a video call with you. But r holona.

Amit: It is okay. Will call her up and also talk to jamai babajibon. Now you take rest for few days and then come to USA for a vacation. I will take you on a road trip.

Ranjana: How I wish. The money that I had saved all was spent on her wedding. Now forget USA, I can’t even afford Ultodanga.

Amit: Please don’t talk like a typical kanya dai grosto Ma. You did a great job in raising your daughter, giving her proper education. Now she is settled and you are free to fulfil all your dreams. You always loved to travel but could never do it. Now is the time to travel.

Ranjana: Ever since the wedding I have a bad cough.

Amit: Must be stress. Gurgle and drink warm water throughout the day.

Ranjana: How is your cholesterol? Eisab biyer jhamelay tomar khoj newai hayni. I hope you are not eating too much of red meat.

Amit: Don’t worry. Ami nirdai lok…kheye ni..kichu holei ba ki?

Ranjana: Stop that sentimental crap. Do you take medicines properly? I am sure no. I think etar janyai amay markin muluk jete habe.

Amit: I am very busy these days. Tumi amar chash bash niye hashahashi korleo, amar gache anek fol dhoreche. This year I will survive with my home grown vegetables.

Ranjana: Oisab paglamo niyei thako.

Amit: I am trying to reduce carbon footprints with this. Next am going to try growing rice in containers.

Ranjana: Ki r korbe…hajar bolar poreo biye korle na ekhon oi gach niyei thako.

Amit: You are jealous of my happiness. I have nothing to worry about in life. I can do whatever I like. Nobody to stop me.

Ranjana: What about loneliness? Do you never feel lonely? Do you never seek a companion?

Amit: Sometimes I do. Never thought will end up like this. Am I really such a bad person? Even Hitler had a wife and a mistress. Am I worse than Hitler? Do I really scare away women that badly? All that my parents wanted to see before their death was a grandchild, yet I couldn’t even do that for them. I’m a hopeless son.

Ranjana: You are not hopeless, things just didn’t work out. Don’t blame yourself.

Amit: Leave it. Don’t you feel lonely?

Ranjana: I was too busy raising my daughter and never got the time to think about myself.

Amit: You will start feeling lonely now.

Ranjana: Yes maybe.



Amit: How is your cough? Did you do the biopsy?

Ranjana: Yes, I did.

Amit: When will you get the reports?

Ranjana: Next week. I am worried. I hope all is fine.

Amit: Don’t worry all will be fine.




Amit: Ranjana, I have made all the arrangements. Once you land you will be directly wheeled to the hospital. Your visa interview also shouldn’t be an issue. Just carry all your medical reports.

Ranjana: Amit, I do not understand why are you doing all this for me..In India also there are very good doctors.

Amit: I am doing this not for you but for myself. After the death of my parents the only person I have is you. Ranjana, I never had siblings or cousins, I was pretty unsocial and never made lots of friends. You are the only person I have.

Ranjana: Amit, you please take care of Ronu. Her husband is a nice boy but yet, after I am gone meyetar baper bari bole r keu nei...please take care of her. In all these years you have been like a father..whenever she needs any advice she asks you…

Amit: She is my daughter…I have always felt that.

Ranjana: Amit, have you ever wondered something

Amit: What?

Ranjana: We know each other so well, we share everything with each other..however in all these thirty-four years we never met even once.

Amit: So many times I tried to meet you during my trips to India, but always something happened and we never met.

Ranjana: Probably we will meet on my death bed.

Amit: Baje boka rakho…nothing is happening to you.I have planned a nice road trip with you. All your life you had always wanted to travel but couldn’t. Now we will travel. I want to take you to all the places you wanted to go. We will start with the Niagara Falls, take you to Disneyland, but the main trip will be in Europe, your dream destination.








Amit: Ranjana tumi ki ar asbe na?


Amit: Ranjana


Amit: Ranjana


Amit: Ranjana




















9 thoughts on “Not Love Story

  1. vishalbheeroo says:

    It’s such a brilliant story spanning over decades and the bond both of them share. I feel they are made for each other but the fear of this stupid society. Love can be so complex, I know. You are such a terrific storyteller, touching our inner emotions and capacity to love but at the same time gently touching the hypocrisy of our society.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amitabha says:

    Well written. Read it at one go. All known characters and familiar situations, but what I like is that the end was not predictable. You have a knack of story telling. I hope you will publish a book someday.

    Liked by 1 person

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