Deja Vu

Standing in front of the huge medieval castle, Savitri felt a sense of accomplishment. Finally, she was in England, her dream destination, thanks to her son Gaurav. All her life she had seen England and English castles in her dreams but stayed holed up in a small flat in Lucknow. This was the first time she travelled out of India.

Savitri and Gaurav started exploring the castle. After a while, they entered a colossal hall with huge framed photographs of Dukes and Duchesses who previously lived here. Savitri stood under the photo of a Duchess. The photo looked similar, eerily similar.
Gaurav looked at the photo on the wall and said “Ma, this woman looks like you.”

Savitri now knew why all her life she saw English castles in her dreams and always desperately wanted to visit England. She had felt a sense of déjà vu ever since she entered the castle.

This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and The Magesticgoldenrose for providing the prompt photo.

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