Bollywood Dreams

The police came exactly at 2 am. The stench was unbearable by then. The Secretary and Security Head of the society were already waiting. As soon as the police came they started breaking the door. It didn’t take much effort to break.

Once inside they followed the stench and went to the bedroom. A girl’s body was hanging from the ceiling fan. The Secretary identified her as the model, who couple of months back, came from a small town in Bihar to become a heroine in Bollywood. Today she was lifeless just like hundreds of others with Bollywood dreams.

P.S: Bollywood is the name used for Indian (Hindi) Film Industry.
Word Count:98
This is written for Friday Fictioners hosted by Rochelle Wisoff Fields.
Image Courtey: Dale Rogerson.

27 thoughts on “Bollywood Dreams

    • Balaka says:

      Thanks Vishal for liking it…Living in Mumbai I come across such people on a daily basis, most of us only see the glamour of Bollywood but not many know the grim reality behind it, I just tried to bring it out in a small way.


    • Balaka says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment Rochelle…Bollywood is called so keeping in mind its American counterpart…and the tales are almost similar in both places I guess.


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