Get Out

‘Get out’ said the librarian calmly. I stood confused, holding the book that I had just picked up from the bookshelf. I was trying to think of the offence that I might have committed.

The librarian repeated once again in a soft tone ‘Please get out’.

I have been using this isolated library since four years and had quite a good rapport with this Librarian. I always tried to converse with him in Bengali yet he always preferred his grammatically horrible English.

Today, I didn’t understand my fault. Following his order, I kept the book on his table and turned back towards the exit door. The moment I turned he called out ‘Hey! Where are you going?’ I was sincerely confused and I replied ‘You just asked me to get out.’ Now, the librarian appeared confused and he said in a surprised tone ‘When!! I told to get out the library card’.

Now, I understood what he meant was to take out the library card from the book, however his horrible English made me think he was asking me to get out.

This is inspired by a true story. I mean no disrespect to the concerned person.
Word Count: 183
This Flash Fiction was written for: 
WEEK #25

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