The Fault In Our Stares #Bar-A-Thon

His stare was deep, like a serpent’s, it could hypnotize the prey. She was his prey. He made her heart flutter with his deep gaze in the first day of college. She was a nervous fresher, while he was her senior.

She had heard that the college she took admission was famous for ragging. She was so nervous and tensed that she begged her father to accompany her during the first day. Her father obliged and waited for her outside the college gate throughout the day.

After entering the college a senior guided her to the new classroom on the first floor of the UG Arts building. It was already full with both freshers and seniors. She was a shy girl and always preferred obscure corners where nobody could see her. That day was no exception. She went and sat in the corner of the last row.

She was anxiously biting her nails, when her classmates, with whom she was yet to get acquainted, were being called by the seniors to perform silly and disgusting tasks like taking down the pants or licking the table etc. Her stomach churned with nervousness.

Then, she saw him entering the classroom. Unlike others he seemed calmer. He just silently sat there observing others. He had unicorn eyebrows, big eyelashes like a girl and black eyeballs, his eyes were deep like a placid lake with secrets from a million years hidden within. She felt hypnotized and kept staring at his magnetic and startling eyes. It was difficult for her to look away from him.

One of the senior students noticed that she was staring at him. She was immediately summoned and given a task. Her task was to look into the eyes of him and kiss him. She turned red and to her surprise he also turned red. He jokingly said to his classmates ‘I thought we were ragging the newcomer’.

She almost felt like fainting from embarrassment, however, after some time she gained composure and walked up to him. Their first kiss happened.

Thirty years later on their wedding anniversary he said with a wide smile ‘Thank God, they caught you staring that day’.


I am participating in Bar-A-Thon, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm. This challenge is to write seven posts in a series, every alternate day beginning June 17th. This is my first post, and today’s prompt is – “The fault in our stares“.

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