Life of a Pie

Samiran came out of the doctor’s chamber into the street. It was getting dark. LED lights, one by one, started illuminating the various showrooms on the street. However, Samiran’s heart was engrossed in darkness after hearing what the doctor said. He had never expected this would happen to him.

He started walking towards the bus stand which was across the street. Just below the doctor’s chamber there were three bakeries. Fancy cakes and pastries were lined up royally like contestants from beauty pageants on the shelves of those shops. Samiran tried his best to avoid eye contact with those pastries but like sexy femme fatale those pastries were alluring him towards them. Each one had a distinct colour, flavour and decoration. All of them were juicy, creamy and voluptuous. Samiran felt like grabbing all of them.

Samiran tried to walk fast but he felt as if those beauties had tied his legs. Unable to resist the temptation he entered one of the bakeries. He stood in front of the bakery display case and started ogling each and every item. It was difficult to settle for any one. Eventually he ordered a custard and cream pie. He pulled a chair and sat waiting for the coveted pie to be served. His mouth was already salivating with anticipation.

The pie was served and he was about to dig into it when he saw from the corner of his eyes someone standing beside him. He looked up and saw Manisha, his wife, frowning at him in disgust. Even before he could say a word in defence, Manisha turned around and went to the boy at the counter. Within few seconds the boy came and almost snatched away the pie.

Samiran and Manisha were standing at the bus stop, Samiran too ashamed to even look at Manisha, he felt committing murdering would have been a less heinous crime. He knew as soon as they reach home she would burst at him. The others in his family would also join her. They would make him feel as if he had been caught visiting a brothel. This is the humiliating treatment a diabetic gets from his family if he tries to steal little bit of happiness in the form of a pie.


I am participating in Bar-A-Thon, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm. This challenge is to write seven posts in a series, every alternate day beginning June 17th. This is my second post, and today’s prompt is – “The Life of a Pie“.

First post prompt “The Fault in our Stares”

Third post prompt “Of Ice and Men”

40 thoughts on “Life of a Pie

  1. the bespectacled mother says:

    Oh God I was thinking what did the Doctor say to the man for his heart to be engrossed in darkness. Is he going to die? I wished – let him have a piece of pie or cake or pastry. Thank God for the twist in the ending, he is not going to die, not immediately. What a mystery!

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