Suns and Lovers

This is one amazing story I read in recent times. So had to reblog.


Freddie Mercury sipped his Ricker bourbon. The black sun’s purplish halo cast eerie obscurities all over the empty space. He set his spaceship, The Astro-logger, to a crawl using the ‘explore mode’ auto-pilot feature. Rechecking all the controls and meters and finding the readings satisfactory, Freddie climbed to the upper deck to gaze into the nothingness.

He connected his ancient iPhone 97 to the deck’s stereo system and selected a song and clicked play. Kurt Cobain’s mournful voice filled the space.

“… I searched for form and land

For years and years, I roamed

I gazed a gazeless stare

At all the millions here

I must have died alone

A long, long time ago…”

Freddie could relate to these words. After all, to his knowledge, he was the only living being in almost all 235 discovered galaxies. Eons ago he was exposed to a Magnaron radiation which had stopped his…

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