A Death so Awaited!!

Matthew Mckinsey was eagerly waiting for his death. He was neither a convict on a death row nor a terminally ill patient yet he was awaiting death. Well anyway, convicts and patients do not await death rather death await them.

Matthew Mckinsey had invented a new potion, an elixir of sort; in his secret science lab that could make a living being alive, after it died. The potion just had to be injected to the living being within 20 minutes of death. Interestingly, in case of human beings, dead persons would be able to recollect what they experienced while they were dead. However the potion could be applied only for natural death cases and not on suicide or murder cases.

He had tested it on white rats and couple of monkeys successfully. Now was the turn to test on human beings and he wanted to be the guinea pig himself. This was a top secret project and he didn’t trust anyone, not even his assistant Rodger, he confided only in his wife Ursula. Matthew was confident that this path breaking invention would win him the Nobel Prize.

Ursula did not want Matthew to wait for his own death and suggested to try it on anybody who died a natural death in their small village. But, Matthew Mckinsey didn’t want to try it on anybody else first. He wanted to try first. He wanted to experience how it felt to die and then come alive again. Thus, Matthew Mckinsey was waiting for death.

He had stopped taking his medicines for blood pressure and diabetes. He had stopped exercising and had started drinking and eating all kinds of food that were dangerous for his health. He felt sick and he was very happy for that. He kept telling Ursula that the day was not far when he would die. He had also trained Ursula how to administer the injection. Everyday night before going to bed he sat with Ursula and trained her on what to do in case he died in his sleep. Ursula used to wake up every hour and check if Matthew Mckinsey was alive.

One night Ursula didn’t wake up every hour. In the morning Matthew Mckinsey found his wife peacefully sleeping next to him. When he tried to wake up Ursula he found her body too cold. He checked her pulses and he could not find them. Ursula must have died almost couple of hours ago.

Matthew Mckinsey felt helpless as his potion wouldn’t work 2 hours after death. He sat there hopelessly as now there was nobody whom he could trust to inject him with the potion after he was dead. Ursula was dead and so were all his hopes.


22 thoughts on “A Death so Awaited!!

  1. Natasha says:

    Brilliant like all your stories. This one was actually quite a killer! The twist to the tale was something no reader would have anticipated. So glad I found your blog. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

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