Of Ice and Men

Jack Daniels whiskey and few cubes of ice, turns Rakesh into a completely different man. Being a frequent business traveler, he enjoys the complimentary whiskey served, at the airport’s business class lounge, on each of his trips abroad.  During most of his trips he boards the flight quite inebriated often at the risk of getting … Continue reading Of Ice and Men

Life of a Pie

Samiran came out of the doctor’s chamber into the street. It was getting dark. LED lights, one by one, started illuminating the various showrooms on the street. However, Samiran’s heart was engrossed in darkness after hearing what the doctor said. He had never expected this would happen to him. He started walking towards the bus … Continue reading Life of a Pie

Get Out

‘Get out’ said the librarian calmly. I stood confused, holding the book that I had just picked up from the bookshelf. I was trying to think of the offence that I might have committed. The librarian repeated once again in a soft tone ‘Please get out’. I have been using this isolated library since four … Continue reading Get Out

Deja Vu

Standing in front of the huge medieval castle, Savitri felt a sense of accomplishment. Finally, she was in England, her dream destination, thanks to her son Gaurav. All her life she had seen England and English castles in her dreams but stayed holed up in a small flat in Lucknow. This was the first time … Continue reading Deja Vu

The Boatman

The river bank was deserted, even though it was broad daylight. Geoffrey climbed down the wooden stairs that were half immersed in the water. A boat was tied beside, however there was no boatman. Geoffrey desperately wanted to cross the river as he was in a hurry. He stood there helplessly looking  around for a … Continue reading The Boatman