Caged Bird

I cry like a caged bird

Let me fly

I want to reach the sky.

I can handle the rough wind, rain and storm.

Do not protect me,

Let me flee

My soul is young

The coldness of your soul

Is killing me

I want to experience life

Let me make mistakes.



You are flawless

You are perfect

Perfection is boring.

I wish you had little malice in you

You are pale without malice

Pale is lifelessness.

This is my rambling on a not so good day.

23 thoughts on “Caged Bird

  1. the bespectacled mother says:

    Blame on me for laying excessive emphasis on parenting but I see the first part of the verse as a plea of a child to the parent to be free, to make mistakes and be proud to learn from them. Perfection, it is really boring. I feel there is nothing perfect.

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    • Balaka says:

      This poem is written about the inner child in me who often feel suffocated. However readers are relating it to their kids…and am happy for that. This was just an occasional rambling on a ‘not so good day’ and am happy that you liked it and found a connect. Getting appreciated by a superb poet like you really means a lot Radhika.

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