Love, love me do

‘Why did you ask me to come here?’ asked Trina.

‘I love solitude’ replied Himu in his usual calm tone.

‘This place is secluded and dangerous, can we go somewhere else?’ said Trina. She seemed visibly irritated.

‘What are you scared of? This place or me?’ asked Himu, his gaze ripping apart Trina.

‘It is getting dark, we should go from here.’ She said and started walking in the opposite direction. Himu started running behind her. He ran a little bit, and grabbed her elbow. He pulled her towards him. He was looking into her eyes. His passion was contagious and it was making Trina weak. She tried to free herself from his grasp but his grip tightened around her.

‘I am afraid of you, Himu.’ Trina said still struggling to free herself. Her voice was hoarse and angry.

‘I love you, Trina’ Himu said. His eyes were red.

‘I am married, this doesn’t make any difference now.’ She paused and said ‘You should have never let me go.’ Tears rolled down her face.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

Word Count: 175

This Flash Fiction is written for FFfAW Challenge hosted by Priceless Joy



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