Cross Connection

Shalini wrote her number and asked me to give it to Rohit. I tore the paper and wrote the number of a nearby public booth and gave him. I conveyed that Shalini wanted him to call at 2pm.

At 2pm I was waiting at the booth. I knew he would call.

The phone rang, perhaps first time in a long time.  I slowly said ‘hello’. He said ‘hello! Trina, good you changed the number, I always wanted to talk to you. You are cute’

And, I always stupidly thought he preferred Shalini over an ugly and dumb girl like me.


This post is written for Friday Fictioners hosted by lovely Rochelle Wisoff. This week’s photo prompt courtesy is J Hardy Caroll






47 thoughts on “Cross Connection

    • Balaka says:

      Most Teenage girls suffer from this complex that they are not good enough.. however gradually with age they Overcome it. Thanks for your comment Rochelle.


  1. the bespectacled mother says:

    Was there telepathy going on between Trina and Rohit? I can imagine it must not have been easy for Trina to write the phone booth’s number and wait outside the booth when she imagined that Rohit must be liking Shalini and not her. But, yes, then love makes one do seemingly impossible things.

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