Review of ‘If you never try, you will never know, ambition, love, destiny’ by Sahil Mehta

The title ‘If you never try, you will never know, ambition, love, destiny’ made me think that this book was some kind of motivational self-help book, where the readers would learn the steps of how to fulfil their ambitions, conquer love and win over destiny only by trying and trying. The book indeed talks about the virtue of perseverance and determination to succeed in life; however I felt the title was too long and wish the author had gone for a more compact one.

The protagonist of the book Robin had a tumultuous childhood. Robin was torn between his mother’s passion to become a musician and his tyrant father’s obsession to turn him into a businessman. Robin’s elder brother Suraj was also not able to pursue his dream due to his father. The book starts as a usual story of a boy who wants to pursue his passion but takes a twist and the narrative turns almost into ‘magic realism’. There are elements of fantasy and hallucination thrown into the narrative making it an interesting read.

While reading the book I felt an uncanny resemblance to the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’. The book gives a beautiful insight into the mind of a depressed person and his hallucinations. I would give the author full marks for it. Midway through the book there is a shocking twist that leaves the reader spellbound.

The love story between Robin and Aisha starts beautifully and also ends beautifully however as a reader I often felt that the narrative limped a bit during the middle of the love story part. It was unnecessarily long and repetitive making it slightly boring for the reader. I wish it could have been little crisp.

The most interesting character in this novel is not Robin or Aisha but Jordan. He is in a way Robin’s inner voice, his motivation, his inspiration yet an enigma. In the end it is Jordan who wins over. I absolutely loved the episode where the lullabys come over to meet Robin or when he sees his mother in the cloud. Those are surreal moments not common in popular fiction. This book is definitely an fascinating book with quite a few interesting twists, however the writing could have been bit more crisp.


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