Pink Love and Red Tiara

There are days when I just want to write randomly. No theme, no topic, no story or memoir. Random writing often is the most difficult yet liberating thing to do. Today, I want to wander aimlessly and write gibberish stuff.

This is the story of a stupid girl who used to look at the stars and believe that the wish she made on a falling star would come true. Her wish was simple and stupid like her. She wished to be loved by a boy, who would buy her pink teddy bear and soft cotton candy.

We all have read about the power of dreams and wishes. We all know that if we make a wish and believe in it then it comes true.

The girl gathered her shattered heart, broken by the men she had fallen in love with, and tried to seal it with dreams and wishes, one last time. Her dreams were trying to escape through the cracks of her shattered heart but she held them tight. This time she will not let her heart break again. She was a stupid girl in her younger days to have fallen in love so many times. She was stupid to have loved the men more than herself. Men do not understand all these. Most men just try to run away. Run away, not from the girls but from their own selves. Men are scared to be men, they are scared to fall in love because love is so soft and their hands are rough and dirty. They are often scared to stain the soft and pink love.

Yes, the girl imagined love to be soft and pink because she had never seen blood red love before. The colour of love is no more pink but red. Poets call it passion. It is no more sweet and soft but sharp and spicy. Men can handle this love with their rough hands and harsh tongue. Kings have lost their kingdom to this red love. Yet, men are not afraid of it.

When she was in sixth standard, she had fallen in love with a lanky boy who rode a grey bicycle. That lanky boy used to stammer a lot. Stupid girl loved his stammer. She expected the small boy would look into her innocent eyes and bring soft toys and chocolates on Valentine’s Day and murmur in her ears “I love you; I want to be with you till death do us apart”. She waited and waited but he never came. Then one day she stepped out wearing scarlet lipstick and high heels and found Kings and Emperors and Knights and Presidents waiting for her in the alley. The same boys who had failed to bring her a soft pink teddy bear have turned into Kings and were showering her with red rubies.

The King gave her a necklace. The necklace embraced her swan neck. There was a small red ruby in the shape of blood drop at the edge of the necklace and it touched the tip of her voluptuous cleavage. Men were staring at the ruby. Probably not, they were staring at her cleavage clandestinely.

That lanky boy has turned into a famous actor. Women love him. Many women are ready to do anything for him. He is always surrounded by pretty women yet he came to her alley and gifted her red tiara. The bright red colour of the tiara turned her lane red. All the women in her neighbourhood turned red from the light of that tiara. The stupid girl was not happy. She never wanted ruby or diamond; she just wanted a soft teddy bear. She could have hugged that teddy and fell asleep peacefully. Ruby and diamond won’t let her sleep. She would be too worried to fall asleep with such expensive things on her body. The tiara and necklace were pricking her smooth skin.

The actor wanted to take her on an exquisite trip but she never wanted exquisite trips in exotic lands, she just wanted to ride on his grey bicycle and go to the small shop that sold pink cotton candy.







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