Smiles and Vases

“Om, please do not run. I am scared you will break the vases” Trina warned.

“Don’t worry Mom” Om replied while running.

The Parsi owner of the store was looking at Om with a smile fixed on his face.

Trina felt embarrassed at her son’s attitude. She nearly apologised and said “I am so sorry. I hope he breaks nothing.”

The man smiled and said “Let him break, my vases can be replaced but his childhood laughter is irreplaceable.” He paused and said “Please do not stop him, there is sound of laughter in my shop after a long time.”

Word count: 100

Picture Courtesy: Sarah Ann Hall

This post is written for Friday Fictioners hosted by our dear Rochelle Wissof. To read more stories written for Friday Fictioners please click here.


24 thoughts on “Smiles and Vases

  1. Moon says:

    A very sweet story, Balaka . I wonder what this man’s story is! You have inspired me to read about the tiny Parsi Community in India.
    P.S. Great to see you here, again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pennygadd51 says:

    You have written a lovely story that uplifts me.
    It’s not a conventional short story with a twist – or a build-up of intensity – or a list – or humorous – but it works extremely well. You have shown great sensitivity in how you’ve painted all the characters. I think we’d all enjoy Om’s laughter, we’d all feel apologetic like Trina, and we’d all revere the Parsi shopkeeper for his willingness to let the child put his vases at risk. I wonder when he last had childish laughter in his shop, and who the child was…


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