Love, Love Me Do

Love, love me do

You know I love you

I’ll always be true

So please, love me do


Someone to love

Somebody new

Someone to love someone like you”

Shania loves listening to this song. Her best friend Mimi feels that this song is a nemesis for Shania. The song is the reason for Shania to keep falling in and out of love. Well, the fact is Shania never falls out of love; it is always the other way round. Mimi is unable to understand why Shania falls in ‘love’ so often.

Shania finds almost every second guy attractive and for few days/months she gets obsessed with that guy and eventually either she gets bored or the guy gets bored. Immediately, Shania moves on to the next attractive man. However, each time her heart gets  a ‘little’ broken.

One day Mimi jokingly asked ‘why don’t you start maintaining an excel sheet of all your crushes, boyfriends, non-committal boyfriends, husbands and ex boyfriends who after a rebound again becomes your boyfriend?’

Mimi has had only one boyfriend in her entire life who is now her husband and father of her children. She never felt attracted to any other man other than Brad Pitt and Rohan. They are married for almost fifteen years now and even though she gets irritated at times, the idea of falling for another more ‘perfect’ man never crosses her mind whereas, Shania is now on the verge of divorce with her third husband and seeing another man in her office.

Mimi knows Shania since school days and Shania told her about each and every crush. Each time Shania’s heart got broken Mimi lent her shoulder to cry. Mimi feels pity for Shania. Unlike Mimi, Shania carries her heart on her sleeves and is looking for a perfect romance. While, Mimi is happy with her imperfect and boring romantic life. She feels happy just to be with Rohan, watch TV, cook something, clean the house and occasionally eat out.

Shania first had a crush when her parents filed for divorce. That night Shania came to Mimi’s home and declared that she was in love with the boy who lived opposite her flat and was going to confess her love to him. They were hardly twelve. Shania requested Mimi to accompany her to the boy. Mimi stood with Shania anxiously. Mimi was scared of numerous things, what if anyone from the neighbourhood saw them talking to a boy in the evening, what if the boy slapped Shania or abused her verbally, what if he complained to their parents and many more such thoughts. However Shania was least scared. She went up to guy and told him that she loved him.

The poor twelve year boy probably got the shock of his lifetime. He got on his bicycle without uttering a single word and ran away for his life. Mimi never saw him again. Shania was heartbroken that night, she cried a bit also but the next evening she came dancing to her house and said she met this amazing guy in school who was three years senior and found him absolutely adorable. Shania literally got obsessed with this new boy and started stalking him almost. One evening Shania dragged Mimi to follow this guy on his way back from school. They went till his house and got his address. After this Shania and Mimi started making blank calls to his house. Shania was little cautious this time and didn’t go upfront to this boy. Within a year the boy passed out from school and Shania got busy with her new crush, a boy in her coaching class. Thankfully, this time the guy reciprocated and Shania ‘officially’ started dating him. However she was like a psycho girl who literally wanted to smother that guy with her love. She used to start crying if the guy didn’t call her, or didn’t meet her every day. Mimi always felt that this guy and Shania were like chalk and cheese and she failed to understand why Shania was going around with him when they had more dissimilarity than similarity.

The night Shania’s parents officially divorced and her mother moved out from their house, she came to meet Mimi. However not even once did she talk about her parents rather she started talking about this new boy she saw in her college. This new guy was a poet and Shania felt he was the guy she was destined to be together. Shania started spending less time in home and most of the time she was seen in college canteen trying to start a conversation with her latest crush. However, she feared rejection and never could gather the courage to talk to him. About a month later Shania was crying on Mimi’s shoulder because she had seen the poet kissing another girl behind the amphitheater during college annual fest. She had also broken up with her coaching class boyfriend and then suddenly one day she came and told Mimi that she was getting married to a guy whom her Mom’s new husband had selected for her.

Shania’s dad was also willing to get her married early as in his small house he needed a new nursery for the infant. Shania’s mom also was obligated to take care of the daughters of her new husband and she wanted to get rid of Shania. Mimi attended marriage of a friend for the first time and she enjoyed a lot. She danced all night, Shania also looked extremely happy.

It was raining heavily that night. Mimi opened her door and found Shania standing drenched in rain and blood. She couldn’t go to her parents. Her father and his wife were not keen on taking back a divorcee. Her mother wanted her back but her husband felt Shania’s presence would hamper the prospect of marriage of his daughters.

Shania started doing a part time job and was studying management at night. This was the time she had a crush on the brother of her colleague from the part time job. Somehow her colleague came to know about her crush and didn’t take much time to crash her dreams. Shania became an object of taunt in her office ever since others came to know about her crush for this man.

She completed her management and got a good job. One day Mimi got a call. Shania seemed very excited. She said with noticeable excitement in her voice that her ‘My boss kissed me.’ Mimi was initially taken aback but Shania said ‘I am planning to marry him.’ Mimi felt happy.

The marriage lasted for few years till the time the boss got bored. Shania was shattered with this divorce. She had always thought that the boss loved her. A friend of the boss helped her a lot during this crisis. No prizes foe guessing that Shania fell in love with this new boy. She wanted to marry him however the guy said his family would never accept a double divorcee as his wife.

Shania is now married to a rich businessman through a dating app. However she is also simultaneously in love with her colleague. She feels her old husband is often not able to keep her happy in bed.

One day Mimi asked her ‘why do you do all this?’

Shania’s brief reply was ‘For love, I want to feel loved.’

Mimi said ‘You can never get true love this way.’

Shania said ‘True, I have two mothers, two fathers, three husbands, dozens of boyfriends whereas you have only one father, one mother, one husband and love.’

Mimi had nothing to reply, she realised how true it was, Shania had always wanted to be loved however nobody ever loved her.

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15 thoughts on “Love, Love Me Do

  1. Holly Jahangiri says:

    Poor thing. I think she never really loved anyone else, though, either. A “crush” isn’t love. Probably didn’t know what love was, by then. Didn’t love herself, which is a good way of setting a bad example for others – particularly men.

    Liked by 1 person

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