Greed Begets Sin

The oldest theatre hall in the city caught fire. The firemen were trying to douse the fire. Alia could hear howling of trapped people.

Her mom Sarita was ranting ‘This is sabotage. The hall was not making profit. They want to demolish it and build a new 5 star shopping Mall.’

Alia nonchalantly asked ‘how do you know Ma?’

‘Everybody is saying. Even the news channels’

‘No, that is false. The fire broke out due to carelessness.’

Three months later Alia saw a new signboard ‘Site for Shopping Mall’.

She remembered the grafitti on the Church wall “greed begets sin.”


Word Count: 100

It is Friday and am back with a new flash fiction for Friday Fictioneeers hosted by our favorite Rochelle Wisoff Fields. Thank you J Hardy Caroll for the photo prompt. To read more stories based on this photo prompt click here.


23 thoughts on “Greed Begets Sin

  1. James says:

    Quite some time ago, my wee little corner of Boise had a set of businesses collectively known as the “Boise International Market.” Refuges from quite a number of different nations had set up shop inside, restaurants, a coffee shop, clothing stores, you name it. They even held cultural events so that the local community could learn more about some of the places from which the refuges had come.

    Sadly, there was a fire and the place burned to the ground. At first, it was thought to have been an accident in the kitchen of one of the restaurants but later investigators determined it was arson, which is a terrible shame.

    Some of the businesses have set up elsewhere, but it is sad that they can’t all be together again.

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  2. pennygadd51 says:

    Well written, Balaka. You signal the possibility of Alia’s involvement with good ambiguity. The nonchalance, and the statement that the cause of the fire was carelessness points us in that direction, without letting us be certain. Nice technique!

    Liked by 1 person

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