Her Fall, His Winter

‘What are you doing?’ asked Nora

‘Looking at the icicles on a tree outside my house’ replied Adrian

‘Wow!! Is it cold there?’

‘Yes, but inside my house it is warm. What are you doing?’

‘I am also looking at the tree outside my house. It is full of red, orange and yellow leaves.’

‘Oh! yeah! It is autumn there.’ he replied with a tinge of sadness ‘I miss home.’

‘Let’s do a video call’ Nora said excitedly.

‘Good idea’ he was equally excited.

They started the video call keeping the trees in their background. Her fall met his winter.

Word Count: 100

Genre: Romance

It is Friday and am back with a new flash fiction for Friday Fictioneeers hosted by our favorite Rochelle Wisoff Fields. Thank you Dale Rogerson for the photo prompt. To read more stories based on this photo prompt click here

33 thoughts on “Her Fall, His Winter

  1. Gail Benshabat says:

    You really nailed it – the juxtaposition of two distinct elements of nature. You’ve got the classic symbol of winter’s chill (icicles dripping from bare branches) and Adrian’s fond memory of a tree full of vibrant fall colours. This is a beautiful and romantic backdrop. And it’s so nice that technology can bring the two together. I love this.
    Well done Balaka!

    Liked by 1 person

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