Mr. Problem Solver

“Mom, I need a globe tomorrow for my geography project” Pablo said nonchalantly.

Trina jumped out of the bed in panic and almost screamed “What do you mean? It is 11.30 pm. All the shops are shut and your school bus comes at 6.30 am. Where will I get a globe now?”

“Idiot, couldn’t you have said this in the afternoon?” She added irritably.

“Don’t worry Mom, I will take the round lamp shade, paint it blue and then paste a political map of the world on it.”

Trina had only focused on the problem but Pablo had the solution.

Word Count: 100

Photo Courtesy: Sandra Crook

It is Friday and lovely Rochelle is back with a new prompt for Friday Fictioneers. If you wish to read more Friday Fictions, click here.

30 thoughts on “Mr. Problem Solver

  1. Christine Goodnough says:

    This last line is a great thing to remember during the stressful holiday season. You can focus on all the stuff not done yet or find creative solutions.
    That said, OI don’t know how impressed his teacher will be. I’m hard-hearted. ” You didn’t think of it in time, you take the consequences. Good night.” 😴

    Liked by 1 person

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