Who Invented Fidget Spinner?

“Ma, do you know who invented the fidget spinner?” Pablo asked inquisitively, while standing next to Trina in the kitchen.

It was early in the morning. Trina was hurriedly working in the kitchen. Pablo had Christmas party in school and the teacher had asked him to bring 12 coin pizzas. Despite being a lousy cook Trina had decided to make it herself instead of ordering from outside.

Trina was definitely not in a mood to discuss the invention of fidget spinner; momentarily she was more worried about the Italian invention. She dismissively replied “I don’t know beta

“Lord Vishnu” was Pablo’s confident reply.

“Lord Vishnu!” Trina was surprised.

“Have you seen the Sudarshan Chakra? It was the first fidget spinner.” Pablo replied with an impish chuckle.

Trina nodded and said “Yes, you are right” while spreading pizza sauce on the last one. A wide grin spread across her face.

Pablo continued his explanation “Vishnu used to get bored sitting on that snake throughout the day. He was also bored of taking those leg massages from that lady, who sat near his foot. Therefore to kill boredom he invented the fidget spinner.” There was a sense of pride and accomplishment on Pablo’s face.

Welcome to Thursday Tales. This is a weekly series of short stories/flash fiction. The story could be fiction or an anecdote. If you wish to join, just link back to this post and leave a message below with your post url. 

Today’s story is a real conversation between me and my son, early in the morning today.



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