The Blind Knitter

“Who knits these caps?” asked Trina.

“My mom” The boy replied.

“How many she knits in a day?”


“How many do you sell?”

“Depends. On good days 5, on bad days nil”

“What else do you do for a living?” Trina was finding it difficult to understand how they survive with such limited income. Curiously she asked “Why don’t your mother sit in the stall while you go and work elsewhere? I am sure that would boost your family income.”

“She cannot sit in the stall because she cannot count money.”

“Why? Is she illiterate?”

“No, she is blind.”

This is inspired by a true story. Long back we knew an old Tibetan lady who was blind but could knit amazing sweaters only by feeling them. Her children just used to put the roll of wool in her hands and rest she would take care of.

Word Count: 100.

Photo Courtesy: Bjorn Rudberg

It is Friday and lovely Rochelle is back with a new prompt for Friday Fictioneers. If you wish to read more Friday Fictions, click here.

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