Pablo and the Wheel Machine

Trina was frantically searching Pablo. He was nowhere in the house.

Suddenly, she thought of checking the attic.

Pablo had always shown interest in the abandoned attic where Trina’s ‘quintessential mad scientist’ uncle used to keep inventing weird things.

In the attic, Trina found Pablo sitting in front of the old wheel machine that Trina’s Uncle was making before he disappeared. Trina snatched Pablo away from the wretched machine.

Pablo protested “Mom, I am very close to finishing it.”

Trina yelled “Stay away from this cursed machine. I don’t want you to disappear.”

Everyone blamed the poor machine none blamed Schizophrenia.

Word Count :100

Photo Credit: Ted Strutz

It is Friday and lovely Rochelle is back with a new prompt for Friday Fictioneers. If you wish to read more Friday Fictions, click here.



30 thoughts on “Pablo and the Wheel Machine

      • Christine Goodnough says:

        We’ve had two friends — one still in contact — who’d be diagnosed schizophrenic —IF they’d ever go to a doctor. But they live with the constant fear that people are out to kill them, doctors and/or the medical system included. The one fellow went into the woods and lived there alone every summer—this is where he felt safe. In winter he’d rent a hotel room and barricade himself in. They think they can read other people’s expressions so well, which are, of course, always negative, angry, and menacing toward them. It’s a tough life!

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