Gratitude List- February 2018

February was an immensely busy month in terms of work and blogging. This month was also a month of gratitude. A couple of my posts were greatly appreciated by my readers. Through my post Introvert Vs Extrovert I could connect to quite a few other introverts in the blogging world. Honestly, when I wrote the post I had no idea that I would connect with so many fellow introverts through this post.

Another post How I befriended Loneliness resonated with the readers. I got so much love, sympathy, and compassion from my readers that it made me feel loved and grateful. An editor from an online magazine read the post and wants to publish it in their magazine after few edits. I had never expected a personal write-up would yield professional benefits.

This month my post Road Trip – Gujarat became a top post on Indiblogger. I know this is perhaps not a great thing for many bloggers but each time my post features I feel happy and grateful. This month my post Is Taking Care of a Child only a Women’s Job was published as a featured post by Women’s Web.

Another great thing that happened in February is that we had a Write Tribe Blogger’s Meet in Mumbai. Write Tribe is an online community of bloggers. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that WT is like a true family where each and every blogger is supporting the other. I met numerous wonderful bloggers virtually through WT. Ever since I became a member I had always wanted to meet Corrine Rodrigues, the chief mentor of WT and it was my absolute privilege to meet her over a cup of coffee. I also met Apeksha Rao and Sunita Saldanha. We met for the first time however it felt that we knew each other since eternity. We laughed like old college friends, meeting after a long time. We were there for almost two hours and discussed a lot about our lives and blogging. In fact, following that meeting, I decided to take part in A-Z Challenge in April.

On a personal front, the best thing that happened is, I joined yoga classes. I used to exercise regularly, however last year I met with an accident and tore my ligament. I was barely able to walk for three months. I had to stop my entire fitness regime. That made me grouchy. I was dying to get back to exercising. Then last month I just walked into the yoga institute opposite my place and enrolled myself. I was initially apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to manage but I managed a whole month of yoga for 6 days a week. I started with Flexi Yoga but within a week started doing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Even though since last couple of days my ligament is hurting but I am sure that it is temporary and very soon it would be fine.

This month I could not find much time to read books and that was little disappointing.  I read Veronica Decides to Die, Surrogate Lies and For the Sake of Love. The last two books were for review.  I watched quite a few good movies. I especially loved “Kuch Bheege Alfaaz”, a soothing romantic movie shot in Kolkata. It is a story about a girl suffering from vitiligo and a loner RJ falling in love through Whatsapp messages. Newcomer Zain Khan Durrani is not only handsome but he also has an amazing voice.  This movie reminded me of Old school loves complete with Urdu couplets and roses. Breathe needs a special mention. an amazing web series with Madhavan and Amit Sadh in the cast. A gripping tale of two fathers, I was hooked on to it and completed the entire season in one go. Thanks to Vidya and Shilpa for mentioning about Breathe.


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20 thoughts on “Gratitude List- February 2018

  1. Tina Sequeira says:

    Hi Trina! What an amazing line-up of February achievements! Kudos…you make me inspired now with so much awesomeness. Writing and getting featured on major online publications is a huge deal. And even more, is a month-long activity of Yoga after your accident. That is very inspiring and calls for a separate blog post on the same. 🙂 Please read my #MondayMusings post for this week:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      Hi Tina, thanks for visiting my blog. My name is also Tina😁😁 I tweaked it and made Trina my pen name.
      I will surely read your post. Nice meeting you.


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