Chowdhury Kakima- The Secret Spy #A-ZChallenge2018

Chowdhury Kakima (Aunty) was a terror during our adolescent days. I was scared of her more than of my Mom. Not only me but each and child in the neighbourhood feared her like the devil.

Chowdhury Kakima was a childless woman who had voluntarily taken the charge of disciplining every child in her vicinity with too much seriousness. She used to spend half of her day spying on kids from behind the curtain of her window. She knew the whereabouts of most kids in the area. If any kid scored less in exams Kakima used to reach their house and start admonishing the poor kid more than his/her parent. She used to even start scolding the mother that she should have been more careful in upbringing the child. Both the mother and child used to stand guiltily with hung heads in front of Kakima, like naughty school kids and Kakima used to keep on lecturing like school’s Principal.

When I was barely 17 years old Kakima adviced my Mom to start looking for a groom for me. Her advice was that it would take about a year to search for a groom and prepare for the wedding, so my parents could actually marry me off around my 18th birthday when I would become legally eligible to marry. My Mom was gullible and as she was not keeping well, she felt this was the perfect solution to her problems. My Mom even hoped that she would be able to see even a grandchild before dying.

I almost felt like strangulating Kakima. Thankfully, my Dad supported me. He got extremely annoyed with the interference of a third person in our private matter. He firmly told my Mom that she should warn Kakima not to interfere in our life.

In the meantime one day Kakima caught me smoking cigarette with boys. That day all my friends were trying their ‘first’ cigarettes behind a small shop in the neighborhood. I also tried. We were hiding behind the shop and thought nobody would see us, but Kakima saw smoke coming out and true to her nature she came looking for the fire behind the smoke and caught all of us red-handed.  She ran to my Mom and said “Boudi (sister-in-law) you are destroyed, I saw your daughter smoking along with boys. What a shameless daughter you have given birth to. Now who is going to marry your daughter?”

My Mom obviously got annoyed but my dad came to the rescue. He asked me “Were you smoking?” I was already feeling guilty, my head was hung. I barely managed to nod. My dad asked calmly “why?” I said, “I just wanted to know how it tastes?” My Dad said calmly “Never try again.”

There was a friend of mine who had a crush on a girl. One day he gave a rose stem and a letter to that girl. That news somehow reached Kakima.  She went and complained to the boy’s parent and the poor guy was beaten with a belt by his father. I often wonder why she was never hired by KGB or FBI. No wonder all the kids in the neighbourhood hated her.

However, now when I meet her, she looks old and frail. Her husband passed away a few years back and she lives all alone. There is nobody to look after her. Whenever she sees me, she hugs me warmly.  She no more appears like the evil woman from our adolescence but a lonely old woman who is looking for some love compassion and companion.

54 thoughts on “Chowdhury Kakima- The Secret Spy #A-ZChallenge2018

  1. syncwithdeep says:

    Kakima tales kept my thoughts away for some time. Memories beautifully penned balaka. C is for Change. I would be glad to see you engage me on my post. Have a nice day 🙂

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  2. Moon says:

    Enjoyed Hitler Kakima’s story, Balaka. Poor lady, she only wanted to rescue the endangered kids in her colony . 🙂 I wonder if she ever slept, the dedicated ( to a mission) Kakima that she was.
    Poignant ending, old age sometimes takes away all that we were and shapes us into a stranger for people who have known us, all their life, only this time, the stranger was much more endearing.
    Beautifully written.

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  3. pratikshya2 says:

    Our perspectives of people surely does change over the years. I am liking these tales. And all these characters- they are like straight out of a novel. Your words and stories are so relatable.

    I too had some spying aunties in my adolescent years. 😀


  4. Meena says:

    What a terror! I would have resented her with all my heart! What an interfering lady! But the ending is most poignant. Old age takes away a lot from a person. Loneliness is a killer. Good memory

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  5. Mayuri6 says:

    We all have a Chowdhury Kakima in our lives. I have more than a dozen!:)))))
    I loved how your words fleshed out Kakima’s character for me. I am so enjoying reading your posts, Balaka. Looking forward to more!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. mammaspeaks says:

    What a poignant story and an excellent character building, Balaka! Not that I had Kakima in my growing up years, but there were some uncharitable people in my life too. Looking forward to your next installment tomorrow!


  7. writershilpa says:

    You were quite a tomboy in your youth, weren’t you, B? 😅😅
    I had quite a hearty laugh reading about your Kakima and her karnama.. But I can understand. Not having kids of her own, she was just being matronly with those around her, trying to actually shower some motherly love on you kids. Of course, at that age, we hardly understand such things.
    But it makes for wonderful memories to reminisce about later!

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    • Balaka says:

      Shilpa, you are right..I was an absolute Tom mother used to get seriously worried ki “kaun is ladki se shaadi karegi”..I am still bit of tomboyish in my my teens I only used to have guy friends..and till date they are my job was to befriend a girl when any of my guy friend developed a crush on that girl…so that I can act as a messenger😂😂
      This particular aunty always scolded me for hanging out with boys.. thankfully my parents understood that they were only friends and nothing to worry about.
      Now I do understand the pain of Aunty..she was just overprotective…when I meet her now I only feel love for that my mom is no more I always find solace in her.sonethinh that I never felt in my youth.


  8. Aesha says:

    Every neighbourhood has a Kakima I guess. I remembered one of the aunties who stayed in my society in the opposite building. Whenever my then boyfriend ( now hubby) used to come to pick me up and honk his car horn , she used come out of her home before me. Then she would watch behind the curtain of her window as I left. Kakima reminded me of her.

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  9. Anagha Yatin says:

    Many mysteries would have been solved in jiffy had Kakima joined KGB or RAW or for that matter any spy agency! Enjoyed meeting her through your pen Balaka.

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  10. CRD says:

    Kakima was the typical nosey whistle-blower and creator of panic. Very interesting character.Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Do drop by mine.


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  11. Dipika Singh says:

    I had no need to search Kakima out side home, my own granny was enough 😉
    Beautiful story Balaka, we all have such memories from childhood / growing up days, this one is wonderful. I can imagine your condition when Dad confronted you for smoking, brings nostalgia.

    Liked by 1 person

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