Things I was Grateful for in March

Replacing Grudge with Gratitude: It took me four decades to learn to count my blessings. I always used to only count the negatives in life, the bad things that happened to me and always overlooked the good things that happened. However, thankfully now I am slowly learning to appreciate the blessings. The more I am replacing ‘Grudge’ with ‘Gratitude’ the happier I am feeling.

Holi: March was a mixed month. Things were erratic on the work front and few things in the home front also went not as per my liking. The month started with the Festival of Colours,  Holi. After a couple of years, I went down to play.  I played Holi for close to three hours and danced so much that my knee hurt for the next few days. Whenever I dance I feel energized. My mom always said that I learned to dance before walking and I was a born dancer. But over the years due to injuries and few other factors, I had stopped dancing but thankfully the dancer within me is still alive and whenever I get an opportunity, I dance to my heart’s content.

Momspresso Blogger’s Meet: This month I got the opportunity to attend the Momspresso Blogger’s meet at JW Marriot, Mumbai. It was a fun session and the best part I got to meet many fellow bloggers.  After a long time, I acted in a MadCap session with other Momspresso Mommy bloggers. I played the part of a mother-in-law reigning over two daughters-in-law.  Even though we didn’t win the prize yet the whole thing was so much fun. What matters is the laughter that I shared with other mommy bloggers. I was also happy to receive a gold coin from the sponsors. Who doesn’t like receiving gold coins?

March was slightly hectic as son had session break. Nothing is more annoying than a bored tween in the house.  I was running out of ideas to keep it occupied.

Delhi Trip: In March I had to go to Delhi to deliver a speech in front of an energetic and youthful crowd. They were all employees of a start-up. I felt so inspired and energized to see their enthusiasm and vigor in learning new things and thinking out of the box.

I am thankful to my friend M for taking care of my son when I went to Delhi. My son didn’t miss me at all as she was busy playing with M’s son and eating yummylicious food cooked by M.

Interstitial Cystitis Patient Forum: A lot of work was done for Interstitial Cystitis Patient Forum. This is a cause that I am passionately pursuing since last 2.5 years. After a long battle now I see some ray of hope. After a series of meetings and phone calls, finally, few sponsors have come forward to support us. I am keeping my fingers crossed though.

Movies: This month I had to undergo a painful root canal treatment. However, the painful experience was compensated by watching Hichki with my best movie buddy. This month I also watched another great movie called 3 Storys. If you haven’t watched just go and watch. It is a good movie.

Books: This month my book reading was good. I finished 2.5 books. First I completed reading Mistress of Spices that I had started reading in February. After that, I read the book The Wise Woman by Phillipa Gregory (A gift from a fellow blogger Shalini) and then I read a book by Sensei Daisaku Ikeda called Happiness begins at Home. In April I am reading Kohinoor by William Dalrymple.

In terms of blogging March was great. I finished writing all 26 posts for my #A-ZChallenge in March itself. I also wrote a post 5 Good Habits for a Grateful and Positive Life, this post inspired many of my readers and I received some beautiful comments. Overall March was a good month and now I am looking forward to April and A-Z Challenge.



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9 thoughts on “Things I was Grateful for in March

  1. BellyBytes says:

    You’ve been busy as a bee. No wonder you have so much to be grateful for . Organisation seems to be your middle name else it’s hard to get things done so systematically! Hope your April is equally happy and fulfilliNG


  2. shanayatales says:

    You wrote all the posts for the AtoZ in March? Wow, you are a total rockstar!

    About those movies – I must be living under a rock, because I hadn’t heard of them. I will check them out now.

    How did you find the Mistress of Spices?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      Yes..I did finish writing my posts in April I will be traveling so wouldn’t have been possible to write.
      Hichki is now a pretty superhit movie..go and watch it.. personally I loved 3 storeys it has one unique storyline.
      I liked mistress of spices but felt palace of illusion was better.


  3. Mazoli - Blog Author says:

    Great post. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) in 1995. This disease is challenging to anyone who has it. I continue to search for anything IC related. Unfortunately, not a lot has changed in treatments or drugs for IC. I started a blog to share my story and hopefully lend support to others who are dealing with this disease. This blog is now a big part of my support system. I think if we share our experiences we will all benefit. Some people take their health for granted. I long for the days I was not sick, but I am hopeful that we will see a cure for this disease and many other chronic diseases!!

    Liked by 1 person

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