Fuldi- The Flower Girl #A-ZChallenge2018

Fuldi (sister) was my cousin. In Bengal, we have a tradition of calling different names as per seniority. So Borda or Bordi is usually the eldest Dada(brother) or Didi(sister) in the family. Chorda is the youngest brother while Chordi is the youngest sister. Similarly, the ones in between had names like mejda/mejdi, rangada/rangadi, nada/nadi and fulda/fuldi. In even more bigger families I do not know what nomenclature was followed. So, Fuldi was my cousin who was the fifth from the top in seniority.

Fuldi was extremely pretty. She was probably called ful(flower) for her beauty. Fuldi had leukemia and we all knew she wouldn’t survive.  She was always given special treatment. When all of us played, she used to sit in a corner and watch us with a broad smile on her face. The elders were sympathetic towards her. She received more love than us by each and everyone starting from our grandparents to the house staff.

My grandparents had a joint family, where almost 40 people stayed together.There were around 15 kids but the only birthday that was celebrated grandly was that of Fuldi’s. Perhaps because every birthday she celebrated was an achievement in itself.

Numerous treatments were tried for her. However nowhere any hope was shown. Her parents gave up on regular treatment and started alternative treatments also. Poor Fuldi was subjected to eat bitter pills throughout the day. Her parents even started visiting various Godmen in the hope that miracle would happen. One of the godmen cheated her parents’ lakhs of rupees yet they never bothered or gave up hope.

The day she got her blood transfusions used to be the difficult days for all of them. The ever-smilingFuldi used to get cranky and irritable on those days. We kids were kept away from her on those days. However, the next day she used to become her usual self and play happily with us. The only game she played with us was Ludo. She never went to school and had a teacher coming over to her house. Fuldi was always inquisitive about school. She always asked us about school. The sadness in her eyes when we talked about school was always prominent.

Her health worsened drastically on her 16th birthday. The house was full of guest and she suddenly started vomiting blood. We kids were immediately sent away and she was taken to the hospital. Next day while I was in school my dad came to pick me up even before school got over. I understood that everything was over for Fuldi. That was the first time I felt the death of a dear one closely. Even after two decades whenever all of us meet we feel a void. Our Fuldi was a flower that wilted even before it could blossom.

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32 thoughts on “Fuldi- The Flower Girl #A-ZChallenge2018

  1. BellyBytes says:

    The Indian joint family was a unique learning experience wasn’t it ? What a comfort it must have been for Fuldis parents to live with such love and support at such a difficult time …. I love the way your sentiment comes through without being mawkish.

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  2. Shalzmojo says:

    Wow 40 people living together. What an amazing time you would be having as a kid. I know grown ups get stifled in this but the kids are happy as more company to play plus someone or the other will save you from the scolding 😉
    Sorry to hear about your cousin, life seems so cruel and unfair at times. Big hug Balaka.

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  3. Natasha says:

    That’s a poignant tale. I relate to the Bengali names we use for our cousins. Fuldi sounds like such a precious girl, no wonder God took her back sooner.
    This tugged the heart in more ways the one Tina. ❤️
    April Anecdotes
    Far Far Away


  4. Ramya Abhinand says:

    Life has its own unfair ways. Sad a young life was cut short so soon. I can imagine how disturbing it must have been for all of you’ll especially at an age when you can seldom fathom the true meaning of life and death.


  5. mammaspeaks says:

    Sorry to hear about fuldi, balaka. Life snatched too soon. Must be so difficult for your family especially her parents. But on the other hand, 40 family members.. Wow. We are a large family, I have 23 cousins from my paternal side, it’s a big affair whenever we meet, though it’s not so often these days.

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  6. pratikshya2 says:

    Her life was cut short at such an early age. Your memories feel so fresh, as if it were just yesterday. Such close encounter with death at such a young age too.
    Poignant piece.

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  7. Meena says:

    Such a positive soul. A pretty flower snatched away so early……….

    I like the part where all cousins meet. I too have a big cousin gang but we rarely get to meet. Whatsapp keeps us in touch!

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  8. Mahak says:

    I can’t even imagine what a huge loss it must have been for your family. And for you to experience such a tragic death at close quarters at such a young age. You have told her story beautifully…the ultimate tribute you could have given her.

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  9. writershilpa says:

    I had a cousin…a little girl of about 8 or 9 when I was in college. She was pretty as a porcelain doll and so very loving and caring. One day, she caught the viral fever. And believe it or not, she passed away in a matter of days! My aunt summed it up in just a few words as she wept tears of sadness….”She was just a pretty little butterfly who flew away!” aunty said. I still remember those words every April 29th. It was her birthday. And, each time I believe she was indeed God’s special one, His chosen one, His favourite child and so He took her away to His abode so soon. Your Fuldi’s story reminded me of my cousin, Gauri. That was her name.

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  10. Anagha Yatin says:

    Some people have a short stint in our lives and sometimes their’s own too… but leave a lasting impressions that we carry forever with us. God bless Fuldi’s soul.

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  11. rituprapanna says:

    this is most heart touching post I had read today Balaka, and so sorry for your loss, I could understand what you had felt at that time..and her memories will stay forever in your heart forever. please read my F post herehttp://surbhiprapannablogs.blogspot.com/2018/04/blogchattera2z-ffirst-homeopathic-kit.html

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  12. Nayantara says:

    This really moved me. your words took me to a courtyard full of giggles, squeals and laughter. I am sure Fuldi lived a small but rich life full of everyone’s love. her memory lives on in your words.

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