Rohit- Lord Balaji’s Good Samaritan #A-ZChallenge2018

Rohit was nothing less than Lord Balaji’s messenger to me. If there is God then he is not in an idol but in human beings around us, whom we meet but never acknowledge as God’s blessing.

Within few months of our marriage, a Telegu friend of ours advised that we do the Kalyanam Puja in Tirupati. Kalyanam is supposedly a puja performed by couples to have marital bliss (or peace). Both me and husband are not particularly religious, however, the lure of Kalyanam was hard to resist especially after knowing that Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan also performed the puja after their wedding. Therefore we headed to Tirupathi to perform Kalyanam in front of Lord Balaji and his two wives.

After performing the puja we were coming down from Tirumala when our hired car broke down. We had a train to catch and didn’t have the liberty to wait for the car to get fixed. We saw a Public Transport bus coming down the hill. We had no time to think and instantly boarded the bus. The bus was quite crowded and there was no place to sit. I stood in front of a man. I was holding too many bags and the man sitting in front volunteered to hold them. Reluctantly I gave him the bags.

In the next stop, the man sitting in front of me offered his seat to me and disembarked from the bus. After he was gone I realized he had taken my purse along with him. The sky as if fell on me. My purse had not much cash but it had almost 4-5 credit/debit cards, my PAN card, driving license everything. I started crying. There were no ways we could get hold of that man. I started getting angry at Lord Balaji itself. I had come for his darshan and I lost my bag.

We couldn’t afford to waste time in Tirupati and boarded a train back to Hyderabad.Two days later I received a call from a colleague in my ex-office. She asked me if I knew any guy called Rohit. Honestly, I had no clue. She said that a guy called Rohit had called up our office reception desk and enquired for me. But when the reception said that I have quit my job he wanted to speak to someone who knew my current address. That is when reception connected him to my friend, however, my friend didn’t give him my address right away because she wanted to be sure that he was genuine. She asked my permission to give him my number.

Within minutes I got a call from an unknown man. The caller had a heavy South Indian accent and he introduced himself as Rohit. He said that he got down from the bus in a hurry and soon after realized that along with his bags he was also holding my purse. The bus had left by that time and he had no way to return my bag. Desperately he started searching my bag. He found my wallet. In my wallet, he saw my debit card and called up the bank. He gave the bank my card number and from them, he got my office address. This card was my salary account in the previous office.  And then he got in touch with my friend who gave him my number.

Within a week I received a courier from Rohit carrying my bag. I saw his address was Kochi in Kerala. The person whom I thought as a petty thief was nothing less than an angel and I shall stay grateful to him forever.

P.S. We were in touch for some time. However, then I lost touch with him but my heart is always full of gratitude for him.


12 thoughts on “Rohit- Lord Balaji’s Good Samaritan #A-ZChallenge2018

  1. Meena says:

    Daivam manusha roopena says the shastras. That means, God comes in human forms. There are good people in this world. We meet them everyday. Only we don’t recognise them. Great post

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  2. mammaspeaks says:

    Such nice people are few and far in between. So glad you came across as one. He is actually a good samaritan, Balaka! I would love to know about the Kalyanam pooja in Tirupathi. Not that we are religious, I don’t even visit temples unless it’s the one outside my mother’s house (a very small one), but would love to know your experience of the ritual.

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  3. Misha Bagga says:

    We shall never create a fixed image about any person in this whole wide world. If there is malice,…. love, peace and happiness still exists today. What a beautiful story. Keep Glittering… Love TGA by Misha

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  4. Todd says:

    What a great story. I’m not sure what you thought but my first thought was that he intentionally walked off with your purse. What a great challenge to my assumptions to find that not only had he not done that, he worked so hard to track you down.
    Very glad that you got your purse back also, now with an added story for you and a lesson for me.


  5. knightofsteel says:

    Something very similar happened to my girlfriend last month. She forgot her purse in the train and couldn’t get it back. She was sos upset and angry at herself for being irresponsible. She lost her IDs, college ID, Army ID, Hostel ID and a debit card. We got them all made again and a fortnight later, lo and behold, a courier with all the cards in them. She didn’t get her money back but the cards were more valuable than a few hundred bucks


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