Tanushree Boudi- She Walked in Beauty #A-ZChallenge2018

Tanushree Boudi was a true domestic goddess. She was extremely beautiful, good Rabindra sangeet singer, good dancer, amazing cook, her house was well organized, and her kids always stood first in class and won medals for extra-curricular activities, she was also an amazing artist whose alpona used to impress everyone. In one word Tanushree Boudi was the epitome of perfection. People in our neighborhood always put her as a benchmark while hunting for new brides. The mothers-in-law in the area always sighed when they compared their own daughters-in-law to her. As almost nobody in the area could match up to her perfection. Men in our neighborhood were envious of Tanushree Boudi’s husband Prashun. They always told their wives to be like Tanushree.

Things were going on smoothly in the quaint neighborhood when suddenly one morning the news broke that Tanushree Boudi had eloped with her ex-boyfriend from college. It was as unbelievable as a nightmare. Everybody flocked to Prashun’s house to console him. Many also took sadistic pleasure in his misery. Tanushree Boudi had left a note that she was tired of her life with Prashun and she was taking this drastic step to escape her misery. Poor Prashun was not even able to comprehend the magnitude of the situation. He was now stuck with two small kids and the stigma of an eloped wife.

Rumors and gossips made our sleepy locality alive and kicking. Starting from the matriarch to the flower seller who came every Thursday to even Nani everybody started talking about Tanushree Boudi. Some said they used to see a guy often come to meet her in the afternoon. Others said that she once went to Digha with this guy and they had seen her. Nobody knew the truth only a gaping wound formed in the heart of Prashun Da.

Gradually, people started forgetting about the scandal. Within a couple of years, Prashun remarried and the new wife became the mother of the kids. The scandal from a loud noise became a small almost inaudible whisper.

Then one day while I was in Dubai, I suddenly bumped into Tanushree Boudi. She still looked pretty and charming. When I saw her I was little hesitant to approach her. But she came and hugged me like an elder sister with warmth and love. She introduced me to her husband and daughter. She also invited me to her house.

When I went to her house for dinner, she asked me about each and every neighbour, however deliberately left out Prashun and her kids.  I was amazed at her memory, she remembered such tiny incidents. Later that night, I went to help her in the kitchen. Mention worthy here, unlike her previous house this house was not as impeccable and it even could be called marginally messy. That was surprising knowing her nature. I jokingly mentioned this and she promptly replied that now she had no time as she was working, had no maids, her daughter was small and she had numerous other things to do. She was now holding a post of Vice President in a Foreign Bank in Dubai and traveled all over the world quite frequently.

I was awestruck and couldn’t believe she was the same woman who lived as an ordinary housewife in my neighbourhood. We all knew she was talented but never imagined she could soar so high. She probably understood my thoughts and said ‘I was a golden bird inside a golden cage, now I have wings to fly’. I smiled at her and she hugged me, we both had tears in our eyes, but they were tears of happiness.

Disclaimer: This is ‘inspired’ by a true story, however, names and few facts have been changed to protect identity.




27 thoughts on “Tanushree Boudi- She Walked in Beauty #A-ZChallenge2018

    • Balaka says:

      This story is layered in a way. A part of me is proud of her whereas a part of me feels it was wrong to abandon the kids. I really don’t know what else she could have done.


  1. BellyBytes says:

    What a story Balaka…. truly amazing Boudi . But honestly she could have worked out a better deal in her first life …. running out on her golden life doesn’t speak very well for her …. sorry Boudi, I don’t feel happy that you escaped from your Golden Cage …however hope you can live with your abandoned kids

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  2. Shalzmojo says:

    It takes a certain kind of courage or desperation to walk away from a marriage and your kids; froma life thats stifling you by forcing you to do the “right” thing. I will be the last person to judge her for I feel she did the right thing by herself and its not possible to please everyone. Yes she has left gaping holes in a few people, especially her children who I hope have been able to move forward and not formed some sort of complex because of this.
    I hope she stays blessed and happy in her life – thanks for sharing this Balaka.


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  3. syncwithdeep says:

    I would not say what she did was wrong. She would have even desperately bored to do the same work. And she had to maintain the good baby status although she wished to be naughty. But she could have thought about the kids. She took has a part to play in the kids life. Glad she found her light and she is happy.

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  4. Aesha says:

    A thought just came to my mind and wanted to ask you. Why didn’t she ask you about her children? Don’t want to be judgemental but this just occurred. I am so happy she found her freedom . Is it because thinking and asking about her children would be painful ?

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      • Aesha says:

        Hmm true.. I guess it’s just good for her she moved on. Another question – your life is very interesting and how do you manage to bump into people again in life?

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      • Balaka says:

        I guess we all bump into interesting people. I just chronicle them while others perhaps ignore. If you sit back and think you will also find interesting people from your life. Just do it and let me know. All of us have stories..I just prefer to curate them.

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      • Aesha says:

        That might be true. And believe me since the time I have been reading your posts, I am just observing people around me and also thinking about al those whom I have met in my life.

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  5. Varad says:

    I have no sympathy for a parent who abandons their children. Trust me, there was a similar case in my family. It happened many years ago and now the person passed away recently. But their kids do not even know of the incident. is this justified? Maybe in their own warped sense of being honest to their own feelings, yes. But once you commit into a relationship and have kids, it’s no longer your own reasons. If she was unhappy, she should have taken the logical step of divorce and tried to make peace with her kids in due course of time. But this, I’m sorry. Whatever may be her reasons or justification, as a parent I can never feel it is justified.

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  6. mammaspeaks says:

    A woman is compartmentalized into so many roles, that at times she just wants to break free. It is OK to be selfish and find your own happiness. And when you do that, there is bound to be some collateral damage, in this case her kids. I am sure she must have thought things through before she took the extreme step. I am just wondering how sad she must be to do this. However, my heart goes out to the little kids too!


  7. Moon says:

    I can only imagine how miserable and depressed she must have been to do such a thing . Eloping Was her alternative to suicide or going insane, I feel. Also,the external perfection was such a antithesis to her internal turmoil. A facade, perhaps. This is probably the reason I do not like parents forcing their children to marry a ‘ well settled’ guy, a child’s happiness should be supreme. An unhappy person can never illuminate other people’s lives. I don’t sympathise with Boudi but I know why she did what she did.
    A very thought provoking story, Balaka. Well done!

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  8. pratikshya2 says:

    Wow such a story. I have come to believe that some people stay because they have to and some part ways because they have to. If we go on scavenging for details, it’s just useless. And what a change of fates.. Boudi has now wings to fly indeed. Liked the story. Life is indeed unpredictable.

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  9. Anagha Yatin says:

    She gave her lie a second chance and thats good. But my heart goes out to her kids. Growing up with the stigma of having a mother who left them behind is humongous.
    Sad story with happy end or happy story with loose ends…I cant make up my mind, Balaka.

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  10. knightofsteel says:

    That’s quite an interesting story. It actually reminded me of the plot of shadi par zaroor aana. It is also a dilemma of whether what tanushree did was the best option, considering everything she left behind. This story will stay in my mind for a while

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  11. anuragbakhshi says:

    Amazing tale. It’s so true that while some relationships encage us, others can help us soar to such great heights that even we didn’t imagine we were capable of reaching. I just wish all of us were wise enough and brave enough to understand this and act upon it accordingly.

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