Yasmeen- The Hindu Wife #A-ZChallenge2018

Yasmeen’s maiden name was Sujata. After getting married to her Muslim driver she changed her name to Yasmeen and converted to Islam. Yasmeen or Sujata is my mother-in-law’s neighbor.

When she was around 19 years old her parents decided to get her married. She was a beautiful girl and ever since she was 14 years marriage proposals came for her. Her parents took her out of college against her wish and got her married with many shenanigans. She was a reluctant and unhappy bride though.

Within a fortnight of her marriage trouble started brewing. Her husband and his mother used to tease and taunt her at the slightest context. They criticised her for everything. They didn’t like the furniture that her parents gifted, they felt she didn’t bring enough jewelry, and then they started to force her to ask her parents to give more money.

Within a month she got pregnant and this was the time when instead of taking care of her the family started torturing her for more dowry. She was beaten and starved.  Her life became hell. On the fifth month, her husband kicked her so badly in the stomach that within a couple of days she miscarried.

She used to complain about this to her parents but instead of supporting her they always asked her to adjust and not leave the matrimonial home. The torture increased with each passing day. The only person who probably understood her pain was their driver Amzad.  In fact the day she miscarried it was Amzad who took her to the hospital.

Often her in-laws used to starve and lock her in a room. In those days Amzad used to supply her food through the window. Sujata’s parents knew about her ordeal but they believed that things would become better slowly. Her father used to give money to her husband whenever he demanded. Her parents were scared that if they did not fulfill the demands then they would send Sujata back to them and they wanted to avoid abandonment at any cost. They were scared of the social stigma more than the death of their daughter.

One night the torture became unbearable. Her husband entered the room dead drunk and started beating her mercilessly with a belt. Sujata couldn’t take the pain anymore and she ran out of the house and straight went to Amzad’s house. She pleaded him to give her shelter. Within few days Sujata converted to Islam and informally married Amzad. Her parents disowned her.

Amzad got a government job as a driver soon after getting married. They shifted to a house nearby to Sujata’s parents but her parents refused to talk to her. They even didn’t speak to her when they met in the market. Sujata looks happy in her new life but her only sadness is that even after so many years her parents feel that what Sujata did was not only wrong but a sin. They blame Amzad for everything. They never feel that it was Amzad who saved their daughter but feel that he broke her marriage, converted her and made her life sinful. What can we say about such blind parents?

P.S: Names have been changed to protect identity.




23 thoughts on “Yasmeen- The Hindu Wife #A-ZChallenge2018

  1. cajspirituality says:

    Balaka, this is an incredible & at the same time hard-to-read story. I’m so happy she found her solace, and I pray her parents in time will come to understand how crucially important it was for her to leave. Sometimes nurture and culture are a toxic mix, and they blind us to the realities in front of us. Bravo to her and the man she married. I wish them a happy and abundant life full of love!

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  2. Ramya Abhinand says:

    Sigh when we put religion in place of love!!.. Its sad that despite their child going thu so much abuse, parents still expect it all to improve. Glas Asmeen(sujata) found her happiness at last!


  3. mammaspeaks says:

    It’s disheartening to read these stories because we know they are true. Such shameless things happen in our society. Parents should be the pillar of strength for their children. What is social stigma, I don’t understand. How can parents see their child getting tortured just so that they could keep their face in the society. God bless Amazad, he was truly her saviour!

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  4. BellyBytes says:

    An amazing story Balaka but honestly who are we to judge ? All the players in this story have their own role to play and it their actions that made this story possible .
    The more I see of life, I believe that things were meant to happen and we take those steps knowingly or unknowingly but only to fulfil the story that is mapped out for us .
    You possibly do find this Mumbo jumbo but honestly seeing things happen in my life, I am convinced they were meant to be so.

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  5. RUCHI NASA says:

    It’s good that in the end she’s happy. But even in our so called educated society, many parents feel the pinch of supporting a daughter if marriage does not go well. Adjust they are always told. Atleast she got Amzad, there are many who do not get any support

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  6. Sayanti aka Shine says:

    It’s good that Sujata finally found somebody who loves her. But, there are many Sujata in our society, who have no such support. In fact, it’s rare to get support in this situation. I think the victim should protest against the unjust without expecting any support from others. But, enjoyed the story and the happy ending.

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  7. syncwithdeep says:

    are u getting my comment. since morning i am unable to see my comment on other’s post. sent a comment on ur post too balaka. pls check ur spam. dont know why my post is missing

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  8. Anagha Yatin says:

    Saviour never has a religion. They belong only to one religion, “Humans”. Happy for Sujata that she was rescued well in time by Amzad. Wish the parents had done some better job here.

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  9. Storyteller says:

    truth is that nobody understands the ordeal of women. Sujata’s husband wants more money, her parents were more worried about society than their daughter. When she was finally happy, society and her parents are being judgemental about her…This truth still exists.

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