Golden Rainbow- My Maiden eBook

Getting a book published was always on my bucket list and finally, my dream came true. Even though I would have preferred a paperback edition nevertheless an eBook is fair enough, especially when I know that I am sharing the platform with few more amazing blogger/authors. It is indeed an honour.

Golden Rainbow my maiden eBook is a collection of memoirs. I am overwhelmed at the response I received for this book. Friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, and acquaintances flooded my inbox with congratulations and praises. I am overwhelmingly humbled by the response I got from fellow bloggers. It feels great when equally talented fellow bloggers praise you, it actually makes me happy.


When I started writing for Blogchatter A2Z challenge I honestly had no clue that the collection of my A2Z stories would finally get published as an eBook by Blogchatter. Had I known I would have been more careful especially in terms of editing and proofreading. My Bad!!!

I was travelling when I got the mail regarding the e-book. I was not carrying my laptop and the internet connectivity was also extremely poor. I literally had no way to put together the manuscript. A desperate call was made to the better half, who thankfully was in Mumbai. The better half is skilled in Microsoft excel and putting together a manuscript was completely out of his skill set. Yet the poor man gave his best effort and put together the manuscript within 24 hours. The cover design was also done in a short while and within two days my e-book saw the light of day. However, I feel with little planning and time we could have done a better job.

My readers are my biggest support and therefore please show some love to my maiden eBook. You can download it for free at the Blogchatter eBook Carnival season 3. Apart from Golden Rainbow, you will also find 54 more amazing eBooks by some awesomely talented bloggers. Please hurry before the stock gets over. Do not forget to leave a feedback; I shall be looking forward.

17 thoughts on “Golden Rainbow- My Maiden eBook

  1. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    First off, Congrats on our book publication. It is an awesome accomplishment. I can’t wait to read it. And thank you for steering me and others to the Blogchaatter. What a terrific resource for bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

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