Indian Spring #ThursdayTreeLove


When I see pictures of my friends and family living abroad posting pictures of Spring and Fall on their social media accounts, I often wonder what is so special about Fall and Spring abroad, especially the US? Why do we Indians living in India never go gung-ho about our Spring and Fall? Actually in India also we get to see a gorgeous ensemble of colour during our Spring months. Don’t we?

This time I visited Shantiniketan during spring and inside the campus of Viswa Bharathi University came across this lovely yellow Radhachura tree. In English, this tree is commonly known as copperpod, yellow-flamboyant, yellow flametreeyellow poinciana or yellow-flame.

Let me share with you an interesting trivia, red Gulmohar tree in known in Bengali as Krishnachura and yellow flametree is called Radhachura. As you must have noticed that red and yellow tree are always next to each other and therefore they are named after Radha and Krishna, the ultimate love birds of Hindu mythology.

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17 thoughts on “Indian Spring #ThursdayTreeLove

  1. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    I think the reason I am so excited over Fall and Spring here in the US (L9ng island, N.Y.) are the bursts of color. After a deal winter of grey and white pops of flowers and blossoms in Apeil/May refresh the eyes, invite me outside. Although summer is by far my favorite holiday, fall’s harvest colors break up the color monotony of summer. India’s sprung and fall sound just as beautuful

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    • Balaka says:

      In India we dread the summer but rest of the year is beautiful especially monsoon. We get to see beautiful colours in our country all through the year.. probably that is why we never find spring or fall extraordinary. Thanks for reading Antoinette

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  2. Parul Thakur says:

    This yellow carpet is so beautiful. I get to see a red one in Bangalore and you know what? I want to see those fall colors abroad. Nature is so beautiful that whether we are in India or abroad, it needs to be seen and felt. I am so glad you joined. Thank you!

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  3. G Angela says:

    yes:) agree with what you wrote, we also have lovely trees as per seasons and there are so many places unexplored in our country… which is simply superb… I remember my visits to the north east and ooty..

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