Review of Deepa Gandhi’s Healthy Recipes Cookbook

Name of Book: Healthy Recipes Cookbook

Author: Deepa Gandhi

Deepa Gandhi is a post graduate in Foods and nutrition. She is a freelance Dietician and a writer in many fields like parenting, health, and travel. She shares her experiences as a mom and as a nutritionist in her blog

Healthy Recipes Cookbook by Deepa Gandhi is an amazing book on healthy but not boring recipes. She gives us this message through her recipes that healthy food can be interesting and tasty too. She literally breaks the myth that healthy food is boring and bland.

During A-Z Challenge I used to follow her recipes religiously. I am a lousy cook and each day I wake up in the morning and open my fridge’s door and play a staring game with the ingredients inside. Whoever blinks first gets an opportunity to be on son’s lunch box kind of game. Most of the days I lose and my son gets the same tiffin. He comes home and screams at me that all his other friend’s moms give them amazingly creative and tasty dabba and he is the only one who gets the same sandwich or paratha every single day.

Precisely then I landed upon Deepa’s blog and she entered my life with some kind of a halo on her head saving me from imminent civil war. If you are also a Mom who struggle to give something healthy yet tasty and creative then straightaway go and grab this e-book. I promise this book will be your messiah.

Before each recipe Deepa gives a brief introduction on the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used in that recipe. She gives us a lot of gluten-free and vegan recipes. Most of her recipes are quick and easy to make. They are quite flexible and gives us the options to replace the original ingredient with something of our choice.

Few of the recipes that I found extremely creative were Dhokla with a twist, where she used idli batter to make dhokla. The fruit chocolate pops is an extremely creative recipe to feed your fussy kids fruits. The cheese on top of cracker can also be a great party recipe. She gives us amazing ideas on how to secretly include fruits and vegetables in a fussy eater kid’s food. From this book, I also learned that leftover rice can be used as a substitute for rice flour. Or that adding chia seeds increases the nutrition quotient. I found the mango brown rice salad a unique recipe worth a try. Paneer tikka with pineapple was another twist in a regular recipe.

This book is not just a cookbook but a holistic book on health and nutrition. The book is nicely edited and formatted. This book is a boon to all those who are looking for healthy and tasty recipes.



6 thoughts on “Review of Deepa Gandhi’s Healthy Recipes Cookbook

  1. Deepa says:

    Thanks a lot Balaka. This is my first review of my book and I loved it. Thanks for the sweet words and glad you found it helpful. I remember you were regular on all my #Nutritionniche posts. 🙂

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