Masturdating-20 Day Challenge

It is always challenging to write something on a Sunday. I really appreciate myself for being able to sit down and write this post.

It is Ganpati time in my city and the entire maximum city has got dressed up like a new bride. Well, not really a pretty bride if you take into consideration the metro work, potholes and traffic snarls. I do not want to sound racist or sexist and thus I take back my “bride” metaphor.

I had a relatively lazy Sunday morning because I got enough time to finish the newspaper along with the supplementary pages and the tabloid. It is a great achievement because I usually never get time to read the paper from corner to corner.

In the supplementary page I came across the term ‘masturdating’. It means dating oneself. The article said this is a new concept, however I beg to disagree because I have been doing this since puberty.

I have lived alone in a new city, where I hardly knew anyone. Being an introvert I cannot make friends quickly and thus tagging along with someone was impossible, therefore, I started going out alone. Initially it was to buy essential items, then gradually I started to go out shopping and then started going out for movies alone. The first time I went for a movie alone I felt so liberated. Then one day I bought a book and went to a coffee shop. I started reading the book and left the cafe only when I finished the whole book.

Even after marriage this habit didn’t change. My husband is a busy man and he is not very keen on going out for a movie with me. Secondly our taste in movies also differ, therefore, I continued watching movies alone.

Even today my favourite way to hangout is by sitting in a nice cafe with a book. I love to observe people and a cafe is q best place to do that. I will tell that story some other day.

So do you masturdate? Let me know

26 thoughts on “Masturdating-20 Day Challenge

  1. Todd says:

    My wife and I make plans based on what we want to do. If we’re both available and interested we both go together. If we’re not we might go alone. Or we might go with other friends of whatever gender (not in a romantic way). Going alone is always a good option as well. Sometimes the best dates are between me, a good book and a good meal.

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  2. Partha Chatterjee says:

    I have just completed my solo trip to Ladhak and trekking through Hampta pass. I was single alone for 18 days or so. I rediscovered myself my inner soul what I am. Thanks Balaka for choosing the term Masturdating for me.

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  3. Akshata Ram says:

    I hadn’t heard of this term but when I get to know what it is – i certainly have been masturdating since a long long time. I could not help but smile Balaka when I saw so much of me in your post. I too prefer my own company and I would rather be in the company of a very few with whom I can be myself or be alone reading a book or watching a movie than be in a crowd where I do not relate to anyone. My husband always tells me one should be more social and I always argue back that each person is different and what matters at end of the day is “Am I happy”. if being by myself makes me happy so be it.

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  4. Anagha Yatin says:

    I had to bit my tongue twice for reading a “b” instead of “d”, Balaka!
    I envied you when you mentioned that you read the paper from corner to corner. This Sunday, was super hectic for me. Couldnt even go past the front page of the news paper.
    I loved the new word, though the concept behind it is something that we all had experienced, enlivened many a times. Let me correct my sentence…many a times, when we were single! Dating self was lost in woods, the day I became a mother. How I wish…

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  5. BellyBytes says:

    I was intrigued by the title and admire you for masturdating. I do occasionally go out and enjoy myself but that is more in familiar places like the Club where I can be alone and yet seek company if I wish. I do see movies on my own but I have yet to go to a restaurant and eat by myslef. Perhaps I will do it soon as no one wants to eat me as everyone I know is on some kind of diet!

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  6. Kalpana Manivannan says:

    Honestly, never knew there was a term for this…Thanks for introducing it to me Balaka. And yes i definitely like my own company too. I guess, as a society obsessed with “being more social equals being nice” we need to unlearn a lot and do what makes one happy.

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    • Balaka says:

      That is perfectly fine. I also love being alone at home doing nothing. However as I enjoy movies, I do go out to catch them. Watching movies inside a theatre alone is bliss.


  7. Meenakshi says:

    I was intrigued by the title and had to actually read it more than twice, as it went with the phrase ’20 day challenge’.At first, I thought it is one of those weird challenges that twitteratis indulge in..but then, glad I went through the article. You proved me wrong ๐Ÿ˜€ lol
    I do enjoy masturdating but only when visiting places / UNESCO sites so that I can have my time indulging in the intricacies of the place. Else, I need people around me!

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  8. Adite says:

    I thought it was a misspelling! LOL. (Dirty mind, right?) ๐Ÿ˜› We all need a little me-time. And frankly speaking, I enjoy my own company. I have gone on solo trips and prefer to do shopping on my own. It can be pretty therapeutic.

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  9. writershilpa says:

    I too love to is the most liberating experience!
    At times, I do crave for a company, but then, at the same time I fee so comfortable with myself that I feel a companion would only spoil the fun! ๐Ÿ˜›
    When I wrote in my post that I wish to go watch a movie alone, it was all inspired by you, B. ALthough, these days, the number of movies i can tolerate has gone down, and what with netflix we hardly need to go to a theatre, but, I have decided that if a good English film comes to the neighbourhood theatre, I am going there alone. I hardly have any friends–just two besties, one who lives in US, and the other who lives in Vashi. I can’t be expecting with either of them to come join me when I feel like going out. We do, when we meet, but not as often as I would like. SO, what do I do? Best thing to do is enjoy your own company and revel in the magic! SOmetimes I do get desperate for company, but I push the thought away.

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  10. Shalzmojo says:

    Thanks for the addition to my vocab and yes I do masturdate. I am not fully an intro or extro; I love stepping out and meeting peeps and have no issues starting a conversation. But my love to explore makes me masturdate as I hate waiting to have someone confirm to me about their plans; its easier for me to make plans with myself ๐Ÿ˜‰
    When I came to Delhi in 1997, I spent most of my time over the next few years to discover it as much as possible.
    I love going for a long lazy lunch with a book – preferably on a weekday and to one of my most fav restaurants in town. Next time I do this, I will do a insta post and tag you on it ๐Ÿ™‚

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