How I Met Your Father- #20DayChallenge

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The other day, my son asked me ‘Ma, where did you meet Baba? why did you marry him? Both of you are so different.’ It is true we are different because while I am a woman, he is a man. There are more differences than similarities yet we are married for a dozen years. The fact that we survived each other for so many years is our biggest victory.

We never had a Yash Chopra kind of romance. There were no pehli nazar pyar, dil dhak dhak, chura k dil mera moment for us. Like two boring matured adults we met through a matrimonial site. We exchanged emails for over a month, then one day he called up. We were living in two different continents at that time. And those were the days when ISD calls were expensive, so we spoke briefly.

We are very different from each other, we had a very different upbringing, while I had a cosmopolitan upbringing he came from a small town. I come from a dysfunctional nuclear family while he comes from a huge family with parents, grandparents, siblings, nephews, nieces and an army of extended relatives. I went to a convent while he went to a vernacular medium school. I love to read books and he hardly reads any. I am an introvert who avoid human contact and he is an extrovert. I hate parties he loves them. I hate to make phone calls to people while he has a list of people to call each day. I love Enrique Iglesias he loves Rashid Khan. I love to eat paneer he loves to eat fish. The list is endless and it is no less than a miracle that we are together.

The day I first met him is etched in my memory as if it happened yesterday. I went to the airport to pick him up. From the airport, he came straight to my house to meet my dad. Unlike these days skype or video calls were not available, so I had to rely on a few scanned photographs to identify him. Thankfully, I did not pick up the wrong guy at the airport. We exchanged a brief conversation on our way.

The previous night my Dad had rehearsed a lot about what he would ask the would-be, would-not-be son-in-law. He had prepared a list of questions that included how much the boy earned, what were his future plans, in which country he would settle, when he would buy a house, what his father did, etc. Like a typical father of the bride, he had settled on some 100 questions to ask. I am sure the groom also had prepared himself for a deluge of questions from the would-be, would-not-be father-in-law.

Finally, the young boy entered the arena like a gladiator to face the father of the girl who was roaring like a hungry lion. So the conversation started and it was as follows…

Father: Where do you live?

Young Man: Colorado, USA

F: That is a nice place. So who is winning from Colorado Democrats or Republics?

YM: Bill Owens, Republicans

F: Do you feel that the Republicans are soft on terrorism?

YM: (visibly excited) Oh No!! on the contrary I feel they are quite harsh…

The conversation now started to meander towards what strategy USA should follow to capture Osama-bin-Laden (as if without their opinion the USA would not be able to take any step). From Osama, the discussion reached the middle-east and what strategy Iran and Saudi Arabia should adopt (as if the Saudi king was waiting outside our window to get approval on an oil deal from these two) Why Israel is an important country (Israel would have never realized its worth otherwise) and how Russia and China should contribute to Global Economy (Putin immediately followed their suggestions)

None of them even obliquely discussed anything about the marriage. I was sitting in one corner and wondering what was actually the agenda of this meeting, our marriage or political future of Earth. A part of me was fuming at their instant camaraderie. The young man had hardly spoken to me while with Dad he was discussing every possible issue of the world. The discussion continued for almost 3 hours and it would have continued longer but the young man had a train to catch.

At dinner, I asked Dad bit sarcastically “So did you ask him about his future plans?” Dad nodded in negation and said, “There is no need, he seems good, get married to him.”

That is “How I met your father, son”….

26 thoughts on “How I Met Your Father- #20DayChallenge

  1. Anshu Bhojnagarwala says:

    Ha ha, I read the title and was waiting for something like ‘How I met your mother’, but yours is actually more interesting. So your father had all the questions prepared and ended up asking something else. I think these questions made him know your to-be husband better than just asking the oft asked matrimonial related questions. Good story, Balaka, as always! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BellyBytes says:

    Well that was love at first sight for your Dad for sure! And it is true that opposites attract. Imagine if both of you liked the same things you would have to share….. Now you can watch listen to the music you like while he listens to his. And if the two of you do go to a concert together – it would be sweet music indeed. Won’t it? I think most people fall in lust at first sight and love much later….. I’m sure your son loved this story. Didn’t he?

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  3. Dipika Singh (@gleefulblogger) says:

    What a bright post to pep up the morning Balaka.
    A lovely cute story here, of your Dad and Mr. Husband πŸ˜‰ Bollywood romance, well well that’s good to read about in the books and M&Bs, in reality, it is just we two sticking together with love/affection or whatever it is called.
    This post brought a nice warmth and smile on my face, lovely.

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  4. the bespectacled mother says:

    This was hilarious and managed to put a non laborious smile on my face. What happened that day, between your father and the young man, was too boring only made interesting with your writing. By the way, Putin would not have been the president of Russia back then. Which year are you talking about?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      No Putin came to power I think in 1999, so he was there… what happened between the two men was boring but when I think of it now, it brings a smile on my face, so I wrote about it, so that I can laugh and make others laugh too.


  5. writershilpa says:

    OMG!!! This was so cute, hilarious and also strange!!! Me and my hubby are also poles apart. And, all the differences you listed are the exact same in our case, too! Actually, 100% same!

    I loved reading the conversation your hubby and your dar had…what a way to break the ice! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Shalzmojo says:

    Your knack of writing human stories is just brilliant Balaka. This is such a well narrated tale that i thought I was the fly on the wall watching it all!!

    I have been missing out on your stories since the AtoZ and have been meaning to read all your posts now.

    Will catch up!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Vinitha says:

    That was hilarious, Balaka. Your hubby sure managed to charm his ways to your father’s heart at the very first meeting. You have a way with words. Loved reading this encounter. πŸ˜€


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