Shantiniketan-#wanderfulwednesday #20Day Challenge

I have not written a travel post in ages. I started blogging as a travel blogger and gradually I started writing about everything else but travel. In the month of May, I went on an amazing 15 day long trip with my friend Kavita. It was a mommy and kids and I cannot stop gushing about it even four months later. It was one of the best trips of my life.

This was a trip where two mothers went out with their kids minus the dads. I have gone on solo trips but this was the first time I was going with my son alone on a trip. Let me confess I was a bit skeptical. When I am alone I never worry about anything but when my son is with me I have to worry about a lot of things. When I travel alone I live in budget hotels and if I am going abroad I prefer hostels. However with my son in tow, I made sure to book a good star rated accommodation. We also always hired cabs from good rental agents and in the matter of food also we were extremely careful and ate from proper places and avoided roadside eateries. When I travel solo I experiment a lot with food and eat whatever I can put my hands on, however with the son I stuck to regular food.

Shantiniketan was not in our itinerary, it just happened because I believe it was destined to happen. I had avoided visiting Shantiniketan ever since I lost my best friend Subha to the deadly C. She was from Shantiniketan. This time also I felt a bit miserable before going but once I reached the rustic beauty of Gurudev’s abode mesmerized me.



Shantiniketan is a quiet place away from the hustle bustle of city life yet everything is within reach. The best way to explore Shantiniketan is by foot. If you are an early morning person then you can always go for a morning walk in this University town. Kavita and I did the same. As we were living in the university guest house it was a very safe place, therefore, we left the kids in the room and went for a morning walk. It was such a divine feeling we didn’t want to come back.



If you want to relax for a weekend, then Shantiniketan is the best place. It is only a few hours drive from Kolkata and regular trains are available. We reached Shantiniketan on a Saturday. Every Saturday a flea market called Sonajhurir Haat comes into action there. It is a great place to pick up artifacts, souvenirs, handloom and terracotta products.


Sunday morning we decided to explore BiswaBharathi University, the revolutionary project of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. If you want to get an idea of how revolutionary genius Rabindranath was then do visit this place. Rabindranath was not only a mere poet and novelist he was true luminary leader who thought out of the box.

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The evening was spent in exploring the nearby Surul Palace and temples and then we went to watch a play ‘Maya Mridangam‘ and then called it a day. The next morning we boarded a train to reach Kurseong.


Picture Courtesy: Kavita Negi

16 thoughts on “Shantiniketan-#wanderfulwednesday #20Day Challenge

  1. ZA20 August 2018 Team Member says:

    That place is like a refuge for me! Every time my soul is hurt, battered, parched and on the verge of being destroyed I run away to my tiny pad out there and come back rejuvenated and all set to take on the world again! It is almost like an addiction, albeit a positive one!


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