Finale of #20DayChallenge


Today is the last day of my #20DayChallenge. In the challenge that I took up I had decided to do the following:

  1. Post Daily
  2. No Social Media usage from mobile
  3. Call up people
  4. No sugar (bonus resolution)
  5. Exercise daily (bonus resolution)

Let me confess, I was not 100% successful, however, I was fairly successful. I couldn’t write 20posts in 20days but I did manage to write 14 posts in 20 days. Instead of looking at the glass empty if I look at it as half full then I did a remarkable job. Don’t you think so?

I deleted all social media apps from my mobile like Facebook, Twitter, Hangout, Instagram and Pinterest. I couldn’t delete Whatsapp but managed to restrict usage. As a result, I had more time to do productive things. The initial few days were difficult, as I was constantly trying to check messages and notifications but gradually it got settled. I replaced social media with two other apps. One was a language learning app and another a singing app. Let me share a good news in last 20days I cleared the first level of learning Italian through that app. I received an overachiever’s badge also. I felt proud of myself that instead of wasting my time on social media checking out ‘happy’ stories of others and feeling jealous or waiting indefinitely for people to respond on chats I used my time productively and learned a new language. I also sang a lot of songs using the singing app and my vocal chord got exercise after a long time. (Trust me, I am a good singer 🙂 ) Meno Male!! (Thank Goodness).

In terms of calling people, I did fairly well but not great. I did call my aunt and mother-in-law and a few friends, however, I could have called up more people. In terms of my bonus resolutions, I failed in not taking sugar terribly, as every alternate day I was gulping down sweets but in terms of exercise, I was pretty good. I started my morning walks and yoga and already feeling energized. This was my progress report of my #20DayChallenge. In October, I wish to take up a #30daychallenge. Stay tuned to know more. Grazie, Arrivederci.




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