Gratitude Journal for 2018

On 1st January 2018, I opened my tattered diary and scribbled a wish list. It was in a way a crazy list because I had jotted down things that were impossible. I mean, at that point I felt they were nothing more than a few impossible wishes to fulfill. Last week, I opened the list once again and had almost an eerie feeling. Most of the wishes have come true. The wishes that I thought were crazy and impossible have come true.

My biggest takeaway from 2018 would be “wishes do come true” but the only prerequisite to making them true is hard work, faith, and a strong conviction. If you work hard then wishes, big or small do come true.

Golden Rainbow: This year I fulfilled a long-cherished dream of mine. I always wanted to be a published author. Since the last couple of years, I was also writing a romantic novel but I am yet to finish. However, the memoirs that I wrote in the month of April finally made my dream come true. They were initially published as an ebook and later on published as a paperback. I am so glad to have received some amazing reviews. This is certainly one of the best things that happened to me this year. If you wish to read, click here.

GR image

Blogging: As a blogger, this was an extremely rewarding year. In January, my blog completed a year and I hosted a blog party. Many of my blogger friends attended the party and wrote some amazing guest posts. I am so grateful to them.

This year I successfully completed the A-Z Challenge and the 26 posts that I wrote during the challenge were later published as Golden Rainbow by Notion Press. I also took part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words. This year I also overcame my fear of drawing and took part in Inktober. I was myself surprised at my sketching skills. I feel all these years I underestimated myself way more than I deserved.  This year I also hosted a #20daychallenege. In 2018, my blog also became one of the Top Blogs in India.

Travel: I love to travel and that is no secret. 2018 gave me some amazing opportunities to travel within and outside the country. In January I went on a trip to Goa followed by a 3000 km road trip to Gujrat. Both these trips were with extended family.




Somnath Temple, Gujarat

In May, I went on a marathon trip with my son, my friend Kavita and her daughter Kaju. This was a remarkable trip because for the first time we went on a Mom and kid trip minus the fathers. This trip was an excellent opportunity for us to bond. This trip liberated and refreshed me in more than one level. Our first stop was Kolkata, from there we went on an unplanned trip to Shantiniketan. The next few destinations were Siliguri, Kurseong, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Rumtek and Nathulapass. It was an emotional trip because Gangtok is my erstwhile home and it was a great feeling to take my son there.


Nathula Pass

In November, I went on a solo trip to Europe. This was my second solo trip to Europe after Prague and Budapest in 2017. Well, not exactly solo as my Canadian friend Gail joined me in Paris, together we then went to Pisa, Florence and Rome. I also had a transit in Kuwait. Spending a whole night in Kuwait after almost 10 years was a great feeling.


Reunion: This was a year of reunion. I met so many of my friends and family after ages. In May, I met an old colleague to whom I was quite close in office after almost 13 years. In May, I was in Kolkata and met my father’s friend after almost 15 years. I spent an entire day with them. I also met my mom’s school friend. I also met my best friend M this year after almost 4 years. We also spent her birthday together after ages.

15 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal for 2018

  1. Holly Jahangiri says:

    It sounds like you have had a lovely year, Balaka! I love traveling, also, and we took some amazing trips this year, too. As I get older, I realize more and more that it’s the experiences we amass, and not the things, that matter.

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