What’s My Word Of The Year For 2019 #WOTY2019

I have already written my Gratitude Journal for 2018. Honestly, 2018 had been amazing year except for the months of July and August. I would love to hold on to this year a little longer. I am almost singing the song “tu thodi der aur theher ja” for 2018.

IMG_20181223_223855512This year I traveled a lot, read so many amazing books, watched a few awesome movies, published my book, took part in blogging challenges and most importantly met so many friends both from the real and virtual world. We had two Write Tribe Blogger’s meet this year in Mumbai. Meeting virtual friends in real life is no less than going for a blind date, where you often do not know how the other person may turn out in real life. I was lucky to find that all my blogger friends are as awesome in the real world as they are in the virtual world. I also took part in the secret Santa and received an amazing book from one of my favorite fellow bloggers.

In May this year, I met a friend with whom I had fallen out almost 13 years back. Not that we reconciled but we got closure and a huge burden lifted off my chest that I have been carrying all these years. I also learnt a big lesson that we cannot burden ourselves with our expectations from the other person. The other person may not act as per our expectation and we should have the wisdom and courage to accept the way things are without feeling any pain or guilt. Most importantly we should learn to love ourselves because if we do not love ourselves nobody else is going to love us.

This year another friend asked me for forgiveness. I do not know if I am entitled to forgive anyone. We all make mistakes knowingly and unknowingly and therefore rather than forgiving I would prefer forgetting the whole episode and walk together towards a happy future. This year also made me realize that the theory of Karma works. We pay for everything in this life and therefore it is very important to do good deeds. We should never feel proud of our achievements and start undermining others. I may be a king today but tomorrow I may turn into a beggar in a single ugly stroke of misfortune.  A friend of mine learnt the Karmic lesson the hard way this year and I feel sorry for her but at the same time, I am grateful for the lesson it taught me.

I met another friend after 10 years this year and it was such a lovely reunion when we cherished old memories. I always considered this friend to be little flamboyant and unempathetic, however, I was surprised to see a softer and vulnerable side and I felt blessed to have met this friend.

“I realized my life is a huge ocean where people go away in one wave and come back with another wave. None of them really go away forever, they just go away to come back. I feel myself like a phoenix who gets burnt only to rise from the ashes once again.”- Trinasays 😉

This year I reunited with two of my Mom’s friends. My mom died 21 years back and it was great to see that her childhood friends still love her so much and they extended that love to me. All my life I felt that not many people love me or like me but this year I saw that I am blessed with such loving souls around me, they are always ready to shower me with love and laughter.

I am also super excited to have become a Masi, courtesy my best friend and cousin. This year I will have to shuttle between London and New Jersey to meet my nephews. I cannot wait to hold them in my arms.

In my professional life, I made a lot of progress this year. There are still a few challenges that I wish to overcome in 2019. This year I wish to focus solely on resolving those challenges and therefore my word of the year 2019 is Accomplish. I wish to achieve all my goals in 2019. I want 2019 a year where I come out as a fighter who fought against all odds to accomplish her goals in her professional life. This year will not be a smooth year in terms of work nevertheless I wish to overcome all odds and succeed. I need your prayers.

Wish all my readers a fabulous new year and may all of you accomplish your goals this year. Stay blessed all of you. See you all in 2019. Goodbye 2018!!! You have been amazing, loved you.

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30 thoughts on “What’s My Word Of The Year For 2019 #WOTY2019

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    Oh wow!! What a mindful post this turned out to be Balaka. I am spending today just reading such posts and am glad to have found yours.

    My WOTY is Purpose and I guess thats almost as close to yours in the way that we both want to achieve a lot in 2019.

    Wishing you a very Happy 2019 – mayy this be the year to not just accomplish but conquer as well 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      Purpose is a great word. We should have a purpose in life. This year I also wish to read more blogs. Last year (second half) I have been a lazy blogger. I wish to be more active in the blogging world. This year I also wish to meet you in person Shalz..lets see what’s in store. Happy new year.


  2. neha98blog says:

    Hello Balaka ! When I was reading your writing,I was amazed by its quality of engaging each and every readers,it also gave me an insight about your optimistic, stout personality. Wish you a happy new year!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. neelstoria says:

    So good to read about all the great things that kept you occupied in 2018. And I totally resonate with your thoughts about managing our expectations of others and the the reality of Karma. Life is teaching me slow and steady but I am happy that I am learning, just hope to retain all the learnings 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Parul Thakur says:

    Your 2018 sounds amazing and fulfilling. I can very well see why you would want to hold on to it. I loved the part about connecting with old friends. I have seen that in the race that we all go through, we lose so many connections and friends. Always a happy feeling.
    That WOTY is a good pick and that would be my wish for you. May you ACCOMPLISH more in life and do all that you always wished for. Happy New Year, Balaka!

    Liked by 1 person

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