Gratitude List January 2019

Midnight Faluda: The year 2019 began with midnight faluda. Once upon a time, we used to welcome the new year while dancing to Bailamos at New Year’s party, but now we have grown old and our knee hurts to dance therefore this year we had no plans of partying. I was planning to fall asleep at my usual time but the better half decided to take us on a long drive. When the clock struck 12 am 2019 we decided to treat ourselves to faluda from a food truck. It was the best faluda I ever had.

Reading: This month I finished reading four books. I finished reading Poonachi, The Girl on the train, Norwegian wood and Erotic stories for Punjabi widows. Books are my best friend and it felt great spending time with my best friend.

Meeting Cousins: I have two cousin brothers from my paternal side but hardly three of us get together. Last time three of us met was at my wedding, but this time during our trip to Ahmedabad, we got the golden opportunity to meet. It was such a joyful meeting when all three of us met. The entire day went in a jiffy.


Statue of unity: On our way to Ahmedabad we took a detour and visited the statue of unity, apparently the tallest statue in the world. Honestly speaking I was not quite impressed, especially considering the fact that 35000 crores of the taxpayer’s money were spent on it.


Indroda Dinosaur park: My son used to dream of becoming a paleontologist when he was a kid, however, he outgrew that dream but this time when we visited the Indroda Natural Park in Gandhinagar, I could see glimpses of that small boy of mine. He was super excited after seeing dinosaur fossils, eggs and statues.

Nephew got a Job: my husband’s nephew was struggling to get a job in Kolkata. I usually never request anybody for jobs but this time I made an exception and called up almost all my friends and family in Kolkata for this boy. Thankfully, he got not only one but four jobs. I am grateful to all who helped me with this task.

Son’s Sports Day: My son got selected for the final race in his school’s annual sports day but unfortunately he did not win the race but the good part is his defeat taught him the lesson of how to become a true sportsman. I even taught him about Ubuntu and how it is important to be compassionate.

Blog Birthday: My blog Trina Looks Back turned two. It feels great to see my blog baby grow.

Books and more books: The better half gifted me a bunch of books that were in my TBR. He is not himself much of a reader yet he was thoughtful enough to bring me books that I love. Thank god for small pleasures.

Netflix and other movies: I watched Uri at the theatre with my bestie. This month I binge-watched Netflix a lot and watched a few beautiful movies. The movie that I particularly loved was Roma, Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, Macher JHol and Mayurakshi.


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10 thoughts on “Gratitude List January 2019

  1. the bespectacled mother says:

    Tell me the truth how many days did you have in the month of January? 31 or 62? You read 4 books, went on a trip to Ahmedabad and binged watched Netflix. Ab 31 din main ye sab koi kaise kar sakta hai, batao zara?
    And did I sniff mid-life romance brewing? Aadhi raat main windows roll down karke hawa khaate huay FM radio bajate huay long drive par kahin sunsaan se ilaake main faluda khaana!!!!!
    Shilpa Kahan hai 😂🤣😂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Balaka says:

      Ha ha ha.. I had a 62 days one January pe one free offer coupon 😁😁😁
      Trip to Ahmedabad was during weekend to meet my brother who recently shifted there. Also wanted to meet the other one whom I had last met on my wedding. I utilised the 9 hour long drive to read books. Total 18 hours was good to finish books. Netflix is an addiction that I am trying to get rid of.
      Now about romance …adhi raat in Mumbai is like the evening of any other this crazy city raat ko 2 baje bhi traffic mein rukna padta hai..aur 31st night to roads mein cars almost standstill ho jaati sunsaan jage pe faluda nahi hua..faluda baradlbar line lagake lena pada..aur romance nahi hua kyunki rear seat mein beta aur saans antakshari khel rahe the😂😂😂 but haan tum jo sochi waisa hota to acchai hota.. but that is only possible in my imagination ( perhaps Darcy k saath)😁😁😁


  2. Anagha Yatin says:

    Congratulations on second Blogversary, Balaka. Loved the idea of welcoming the new year quietly, in the company of the dearest ones and with a falooda!
    From the round up of first 31 days of the new year, I could see that right tone is set for rest of the days of the year. Wishing you a great time ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

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