How to Blog Consistently #MondayMusing

I love to write but often life and its numerous chores take over and writing takes a backstage. It happens with all of us. A part of us wants to write but we can’t.

Life has been hectic last couple of months and blogging took the burnt of it. However, I would not blame my hectic schedule but would take responsibility and confess that perhaps not having a dedicated routine for blogging is making it difficult for me to post.

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A year back, I used to publish frequently, almost thrice a week. I could do that because I had a routine and a dedicated time for blogging. However, I became complacent and stopped having any time slot for blogging and my readers can see the result.

I do think of writing daily but after opening the laptop, I often find myself watching meme videos on Facebook or checking Instagram stories or worse getting hooked to Netflix. At times I also end up replying to work emails and in the mayhem completely forget the topic I was planning to write for my blog. However, I want to salvage and here I am subscribing to the following habits. If you are a blogger who lacks consistency in blogging frequency then you can also follow the tips.

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Tips to Blog Consistently

  • Dedicated Time: Have a dedicated time. Put an alarm on your mobile so that you never miss it. Once the alarm rings, stop doing whatever else you were doing and sit down to write.
  • One hour: Write at least for an hour every day.
  • Avoid Distractions: When you sit down to write try to avoid replying to calls, messages, emails, and comments. If possible log out from social media and write for an hour undisturbed.
  • List of Topics: Make a list of topics for the entire week. Try to adhere to the topics.
  • Write Minimum 300 words: Start writing on the decided topic and don’t stop unless you complete a minimum 300 words. Even if they sound gibberish and full of mistakes even then write 300 words non-stop.
  • Edit: After finishing 300 words or more as long as you feel the flow, edit and proof-read what you have written.
  • Improvise: There is always scope for improvement and try to make your content as enriching as possible.
  • Post: Publish the post
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I wrote this post in 45 minutes, I didn’t stop writing until I completed 300 words and this post contains 418 words.

15 thoughts on “How to Blog Consistently #MondayMusing

  1. arv! says:

    Those are great tips. When I started blogging I use to post 22-13 posts a month. Lately, I post 2-4 posts a month. I have seen this transition because now I write long posts in comparison to 3-4 lines that I used to post previously along with a picture. Things change, perspective changes, and so do we. Hope you write more often, Balaka

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  2. Natasha says:

    Sometimes it’s our personal lessons that prompt us to write about them. I’m glad you wrote this post for yourself and many others who struggle to keep up with their writing/blogging.

    When I started blogging I would write 5 posts a week- of all the week days. Slowly but surely life took over, as did my work and it got restricted to two. Sometimes three. I’m glad we have #WordlessWednesday as it helped me to keep pushing the pen even when I thought I didn’t have the time.

    Setting up a schedule and avoid all distractions especially social media goes a long way on helping one write religiously. I’ve always done that without any compromises.

    Have a good week Tina and I hope you keep writing regularly.

    Love and cheer!

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    • Balaka says:

      So many times I think of posting for wordless Wednesday and then again I slip. I also feel demotivated because most of my contemporary bloggers have reduced their blogging frequency. When I see others blogging, i feel motivated but now many are irregular.
      It is good to learn that you avoid distractions without compromise. I will try to do that. Hope it help.
      Thank you so much for visiting.
      Hugs and cheers

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  3. Michele Morin says:

    Great encouragement!
    I’m currently cutting back on how often I post (which feels a little bit like an amputation) in order to make time for other writing. But I’m still trying to be consistent. Writing every day is key, I think.

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  4. Esha says:

    Great tips, Tina! I’m so glad you wrote this post despite the odds that have got in your way. Happens to all of us. You’ll be surprised to know that today’s #MondayMusings post on my blog happened on my way to the dentist’s! Life is a juggle, a struggle and a pain and some days, more than the other days and we are in overwhelm but prioritising time to write and keeping away from distractions is a MUST for me. It is something that I do without fail at least three to four days a week and it keeps me sane. Good luck with the blogging resolve. See you here more often!
    Best wishes

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    • Balaka says:

      I would try to abide by my own rules (tips). I get easily distracted by the lure of social media. It is my Achilles heel. I am inspired that you keep the distraction away. Natz also wrote the same. Maybe I should also start being bit strict about regulating my social media time.
      Life is indeed a rollercoaster and these days it is only going downwards. But there is hope..lets hope for the best. Hugs Di.

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  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    I get so easily distracted by social media. I loved your ideas. Writing continuously is a great tip because often we get lost in editing and then don’t end finishing the post.

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