Gratitude List- October

For any Bengali, anywhere in the world, October is a special month. This is the month when we celebrate our Durga Puja. I am no exception. Apart from Durga Puja we also celebrated Lakshmi puja, Kali Puja, Diwali and Bhai Phonta (Bhai Dooj). This year, thanks to the neighborhood kids, we also celebrated Halloween in October. One more festival got added to our already overworked festival calendar. Undoubtedly it was a happy month but festivities also bring about lots of work, so by default a hectic month. Phew!!!


Durga Puja and my Saree Love: After ages this year I wore three new sarees, as the Bongs would say aankoraΒ (never worn before) saree for the three days of Puja. I also brought out all my old sarees from the wardrobe a month before puja started, washed and ironed them and to my own disbelief, I actually managed to wear 10 different sarees during the 5 days of Puja. I literally went on a saree overdrive this year. Previously, I used to keep procrastinating the washing and ironing of sarees till the last day. Eventually, on the day of the puja, I used to have no time and then go out in anything I could put my hands on. However, this year I planned in advance and got everything ready well before time. Therefore, I could do full justice to my sarees and myself.

Global Hair Highlight: I have always been anxious about my hair and never experimented with it. However, now with age, my hair is anyway falling and greying. So now I felt comfortable to experiment with whatever is left of my hair. So, I went to a parlor that was offering a discount on Global Highlights and got it done. Once in a while, it feels good to indulge yourself. Doesn’t it?


Diwali Cleaning: Decluttering and cleaning the house has become my hobby. I find decluttering an extremely relaxing process. Therefore, Diwali is the favorite time of the year for me when I get to exhaustively clean my house. Until last year I had a maid who used to help me in this cleaning but she left her job and shifted back to her native village after her kids got married. I was skeptical about being able to manage the cleaning on my own, thankfully I managed. However, even after deep cleaning a part of me always feels that it is not clean enough. Sigh!!!!


Meeting my Best Friend: My best friend M came down from London with her one-year-old twins. We spent an entire day visiting different places in Mumbai. The traffic and unseasonal rain played truant, nevertheless, it couldn’t dampen our spirit and we enjoyed to the hilt. It was so much fun to meet her sons. It reminded me of those days when my son was a toddler and how stressed I used to get managing him. It was undoubtedly the best day in October for me.

Dad’s death anniversary: 23rd October was Bapi’s third death anniversary. I spent the day alone, I was just trying to relive the moments that I had spent with my Dad. I tried to be thankful for that day. I was blessed to have a father like him and would want him back in my next birth as well.

Diwali: This was a nice day when I felt good watching my son being happy. He was super excited and watching him happy and excited made my day. In the evening I lighted diyas. Unlike previous years, this year I had arranged everything in advance and therefore there was no chaos on the D-day. We also went to the Kali temple for Kali Puja.

Met a Fellow Blogger: I have been extremely fond of Shilpa from MetanoiaΒ and always wanted to meet her. On the day of Bhai Dooj we went to the house of my son’s cousin for the occasion. Their house is near to Shilpa’s house and therefore I lapped up the opportunity to meet her. We chatted almost for two hours and not even once it felt that we were meeting for the first time. It was such a beautiful afternoon. Thanks, Shilpa for meeting me.

img_20191028_185625930Halloween: This was the first time that kids came over to our house doing ‘trick or treat’. I am expecting more kids would come next year. One new festival got added. It was super cute to watch the kids dressed as superheroes.


Books and Movies: Finished reading “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah. img_20191104_120757905Also, read “You Beneath Your Skin” by dear friend Damyanti @dailywrite Β I watched couple of nice movies this month. I absolutely loved Modern Love on Amazon. I also enjoyed the Japan season of Queer Eye. I kind of enjoyed watching the Zodiac and Girl Interrupted.




15 thoughts on “Gratitude List- October

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    Wow 10 sarees in 5 days- where are the pics girl? I wanna see them all and also show the new ones please. And a pic for the hair too- why have you been hiding girl? Flaunt it all please-I really wanna see how stunning you are looking πŸ™‚

    Your October seems choc-a-bloc and am glad to see you were caught up in so much fun and activities.

    Meeting Shilpa must have been great-she is a very delightful and positive soul. I love talking to her. Did you meet her birds too?

    Wishing you a blessed November Balaka ahead

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      I did not meet Shilpa’s birds. We met at a cafe and chatted to our hearts content. It was so nice that I cannot express in words.
      My saree pictures bulldozed the feed of most people during the puja..where were you? How did you miss?πŸ™„πŸ™„


  2. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    I loved seeing your pictures over the festival, Balaka. I admire people who take the trouble to dress up – I’m very lazy that way!
    How lovely that you managed to meet Shilpa. Next time I’m in Mumbai, we must meet up with her too.
    It seems like you were super organized without a maid and I’m glad that your family had a lovely month. Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      Corinne, even a few years back I used to visit a pandal in my regular jeans and T-shirt, but now I have deliberately started getting dressed, it is part of my self-care routine. This year, trust me I was myself surprised at the way I was able to get dressed everyday. I started this routine from last year. And this year I took it a step higher.
      I managed better without the maid. There was less drama 😁
      Shilpa is a beautiful soul and I loved her company. I am looking forward to your trip. Hugs and smiles dear😘😘😘😘


  3. Ramya says:

    Great list. About sarees – iam lazy too to plan and arrange my sarees ahead of pooja time. We celebrate navaratri by chanting lalitha sahasranamam at friends houses and wear different color each day. Iam planning to arrange all sarees of different colors atleast next year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      The planning and arranging in advance makes things so much better but I never do it. This year was an exception.
      I have a Kannada friend and at her house they do bhajans during Navratri.. each day they wear a different colour. I enjoy it so much. However, I don’t get to attend as I stay busy with Durga Puja.


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