Life in the times of Corona #stayhomestaysafe

Today is the first day of the 21-day lockdown and most of India is in a panic mode. People are worried about the disease, the uncertainty, finances and lot many things. Many people are also worried that they would get bored to death staying locked inside the house. Most families in India are also suffering due to the absence of house helps.

Honestly, for me, life has not changed much, other than the fact that the house is full. I have been living in a self-quarantine mode for ages. I work from home, I order everything online, I do not party, I hardly go out for physical shopping, I do not hang out with friends more than once a month, therefore most of the days I am indoors minding my own business (no pun intended). In fact, there are days when I hardly get to speak more than a few sentences in the entire day.  My readers would know how I have days of no conversations where I don’t get to meet anyone.

On the contrary, this #socialdistancing is proving to me like #socilaising because my house is full. I am reading posts of people who are getting bored and have nothing to do whereas I am hardly getting any time. after cleaning, dusting, mopping the floor, cooking thrice, home-schooling the kid, entertaining the kid, trying to keep the kid engaged with activities, meeting deadlines, checking news and panicking. Whoever is feeling they have nothing to do are people whom I am despising at the moment.

There was a time in life where I had run the house without any maid. However, back then I was a newly married girl and a smile was enough to make the husband do the dishes. A small pouty ‘please’ made the husband mop the floors. Thus, the hardest reality this lockdown brought in front of me is that I have grown old and no amount of smile, grin, pout is enough to make the better half move away from his laptop. Every ‘please’ falls to deaf ears and rather bounces back with ‘cha dao‘ (give me tea).

I am kidding. Let me be fair, the son and better half are trying to help me as much as they can. The husband is helping me get groceries, fruits, and vegetables. Trust me, this is no easy work during a lockdown. He is also doing some community service. They have started a community kitchen to serve food to elderly people who live alone and are too fragile to cook on their own. He along with his friends are also taking turns to supervise the entry and exit points of our society so that nobody can come in or go out. The rest of the time he is doing his office work, attending skype calls, etc. Today he also mopped the floor as my knee was hurting badly after doing it for 14 consecutive days. Wondering why 14 days? Because in Mumbai the lockdown started unofficially from 11th March and my maid didn’t turn up ever since.

This was more or less my experience of day one of #lockdown. Let us see how we spend the remaining twenty days. For me it is easy but the extrovert Sagittarian in my house will have a tough time. He already seems restless. Sigh!!!

Let me know how was your day one.

stay home



4 thoughts on “Life in the times of Corona #stayhomestaysafe

  1. Meena says:

    You are right, as a sahm, I’ve always been in social distancing mode. Now with no maid I’m doing mopping, sweeping and bartan,and of course cooking. It is life as normal as it seems. 😁

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  2. Unishta says:

    You and I seem to be in the same boat. I also do most of my work from home and find my space invaded by everybody working from home. I have to homeschool the granddaughter, do the housework which is difficult with a recovering arm, do physio for my rotator cuff which was operated on five months’ ago and I also hate people who have nothing to do. Are they lucky or what?


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