Theme Reveal for A-Z Challenge 2020

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The year 2020 is no wonder out of a Science Fiction. I agree that this year was written by Stephen King. The year so far seems eerie and sinister and I would happily jump on a time machine to go back to 2019, where I made such lovely memories.

I was deliberating on a theme for A-Z Challenge for 2020. Initially, I thought of writing ‘love stories’. I even wrote a few of them. However, my mind is so distracted these days that I am not able to write fiction. Life is now stranger than fiction, therefore, it would be more interesting to write about ‘real-life’. I am sure, one day, I would be telling my grandchildren stories about this time when we were stuck in the house indefinitely.

The theme of my series is “Life in the Time of Corona”. I know, this title has now become a cliche. Everyone is using this title which is a spin-off from the title of a book by my favorite author Gabriel Garcia Marquez called “Love in the Time of Cholera”. However, my mind is so lethargic these days that I couldn’t even think of a better unique title. I would be writing my posts based on the emotions, thought, and experiences we are going through now. The list is a tentative one and subject to last-minute change. Hope to have a great April. All the best to all my fellow bloggers who are taking part in this challenge in 2020.

  1. Alienation, Anxiety, and Anger
  2. Boredom and Creativity
  3. Conspiracy Theories
  4. Depression and Mental Health
  5. Extroverts vs Introverts
  6. Financial Crisis
  7. Gratitude for Small Things
  8. Hoarding
  9. India and Covid19
  10. Junta Curfew
  11. Kind Acts
  12. Lockdown
  13. Minimalistic Living
  14. Netflix and Chill
  15. Oppression of Daily Wagers
  16. Panic, Fake News, and Jokes
  17. Quarantine
  18. Romance during Coronacrisis
  19. Social Distancing
  20. Travel Ban
  21. Untidy and Ugly
  22. Vegan
  23. Work From Home
  24. Xenial
  25. Yearn
  26. Zen

23 thoughts on “Theme Reveal for A-Z Challenge 2020

  1. Namratha Varadharajan says:

    Wow you have the blog topics down. That’s definitely a good start. I know I have been resisting writing all my posts about it, as there is only Corona on my mind and everyone’s for obvious reasons. Looking forward to what you come up with

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      Yes, my initial plan was to write love stories. I even wrote coupld of them. But my mind if so full of corona that I am not able to think of anything else. So thought let me put my thoughts here and clear my mind a bit. Thanks Namy.


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