Conspiracy Theories-The Funniest One #A-ZChallenge2020

The conspiracy theories regarding Covid19 has kept me on the tenterhooks. I am a huge fan of suspense thrillers and science fiction. Therefore a real-life science conspiracy theory caught my attention. I was spending the whole day reading theories online, listening on YouTube and watching them on Television. China was blaming America and Trump was calling it ‘Chinese Virus’ and our WhatsApp and Facebook were getting flooded with messages/voice messages from random people who claimed they have decoded the ‘conspiracy’.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories

Many referred to a book called “The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz that had predicted the pandemic, some referred to the TEDtalk by Bill Gates and the movie Contagion. By the way, Contagion was actually quite eerie to watch. It was almost a premonition of the current situation. If you have not already watched it then go and watch it. It is streaming on Amazon Prime.

Contagion (2011) - IMDb

Today, I am going to talk about the theory that I loved the most. No, it was not by any journalist, biological warfare specialist or any special agent. This theory was given by my sister’s house help and this is undoubtedly the best. Before I tell the theory let me acquaint you with Goddess Manasha and Goddess Shitola. They are the goddesses of snakes and contagious diseases respectively.

One morning my sister’s house help came and said: “Boudi (sister-in-law), stop eating Chinese food, you will get cursed.” My sister got curious. The lady went on “Do you know why this Coronavirus is spreading?” My sister nodded. She said, “Because Ma Manasa got angry” This made my sister even more curious. Why would Ma Manasa, the goddess of snakes get angry? The lady understood what my sister was thinking she continued “You know these Chinese people they eat snakes. Sometimes even raw snakes. When Ma Manasa saw that they were eating her pets, she got furious. So she went to Ma Shitola and asked her to curse these people with a contagious disease. So, Ma Shitola spread this new contagious virus. Now see for yourself how these people are suffering.” She took a long breath. My sister now had two questions. Firstly, why did Ma Manasa not curse these people on her own, instead took help from Shitola?. Secondly, if this was meant to curse the Chinese then why the whole world is suffering?

Her madam had quick responses. Ma Manasa couldn’t do this because spreading a  virus is easier than spreading snakes. Second, all those who love Chinese cuisine will suffer. My sister didn’t know how to control her laughter, somehow she managed to keep a straight face and asked ‘what is the solution then?’ the lady replied ‘completely give up eating Chinese food and pray to both the goddesses morning and evening.’

Let me know if you heard any such bizarre theory regarding the Coronavirus. I would love to know.

30 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories-The Funniest One #A-ZChallenge2020

    • Balaka says:

      Yes, Ma Manasa is one of those ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ she gets angry at the drop of a hat. And you cannot expect her to tolerate blasphemy like eating her bahon (pet)


  1. Varad says:

    Ok, I have to admit that this was hilarious. These sorta innocent conspiracies have their roots in ignorance, lack of education, and a deep rooted belief system. But once such theories start snowballing it leads to chaos.

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  2. Dashy says:

    Aha, this is quite a new story. 😀 There are many eerie coincidental predictions of the virus that were around. And I’m afraid to watch contagion, I’m worried it might disturb me. Even hearing the story gives me the chills, considering how similar it is to the case today.

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  3. nooranandchawla says:

    Actually the conspiracy theories I’ve found most interesting are about the coronavirus being deliberately spread as biological warfare. Some versions of this story had top CIA officials involved too!


  4. Cartoonoid says:

    OMG!! Wondering how your Sister controlled laughter. This needs to be published- under the column ” in Lighter vein” / or ” Read & Smile”. we can only sympathize with the maid’s belief. And thanks to you – instead of posting C for Corona- you chose this.

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  5. Shubhra Rastogi says:

    This was funny. I have also heard that China did this purposely so that they could rule the world. Last week I watched Contagion and actually it freaked me out.

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  6. Shilpa Garg says:

    Hahaha! I think, Ma Mansa and Ma Sheetla’s curse is the best conspiracy theory.
    With so many theories doing the rounds, dont know what to believe. It is scary to note that Contagion has eerie similarities to the recent events!!

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  7. Anita says:

    I watched Contagion in January, after I learnt about the outbreak of Covid-19 in China.
    There are many conspiracy theories.
    The book references are pretty uncanny.
    Do you know there was a Japanese series of 2018 on Netflix that they have removed now? It has direct reference to ‘Coronavirus’.
    The real-life incident you have shared, shows how people are interpreting this outbreak. Many feel that this is a lesson for humanity. Hope all is fine soon.
    Take care.

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    • Balaka says:

      I even read about a Chinese series on Netflix that talks about covid19. There was also a book written by Chinese special agents. I read many blogs also on conspiracy theory. I wanted to keep this post light, so did not delve into them in detail.


  8. jonahzsong says:

    As my wife and I drove through mostly empty streets to pickup some groceries this morning, I said that I wondered if people would be less likely to eat at Chinese food restaurants once restaurants actually open again.

    Good Theory!

    I’ve seen Contagion a few times. Does provide an interesting look, from the past, at today. Even the idea an alternative to vaccines, though not the herbal kind in the movie, but the antimalarial drug chloroquine.

    Stay Well.

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