Janta Janardan #A-ZChallenge2020

On 22nd March, our Prime Minister declared the ‘Janta Curfew’. It was anticipated. We understood that the Janta curfew was a trial run for a longer lockdown. On 22nd March, the Indian people were requested to stay inside the home from 7am to 9pm. Prime Minister also asked the countrypeople to clap for those who are working at the frontline like medical staff, cleaners, airport staff, etc.

The 22nd of March started in a calm and peaceful mood. For the first time, we could hear the chirping of birds at 11 am instead of cars honking. The sky also looked clean and blue. We spent the whole day beautifully and exactly at 5pm got ready with a spoon and plate to cheer for the frontline workers. In our society, we had some kind of percussion. It was not very kind to the ears and felt like a cacophony, nevertheless, it felt good.

Around 6pm we started getting video clippings on social media of people who had gathered and were dancing on the streets singing ‘Go Corona Go’. People had completely misconstrued the message and considered it as an exercise to send the virus away from India. Thanks to the whatsapp messages that followed the PM”s address claiming that banging of utensils would create sound vibration so strong that would be enough to kill the virus.

The same exercise was followed by Indian janta again on 5th April. The PM asked people to light a candle/diya to express solidarity. However, Whatsapp university said that lighting a diya at 9pm would weaken the virus. People got so over-enthusiastic that they came out on the streets in groups and started bursting crackers. As if it was Diwali. No wonder Indian Janta is Janardan and we can get awards for the maximum number of covidiots in one country.

#stayhomestaysafe #washhands

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3 thoughts on “Janta Janardan #A-ZChallenge2020

  1. Anagha Yatin says:

    To err is human but to err twice is definitely a dumb class! And unfortunately some amongst us proved it where we collectively belong.I was shocked and as well as upset at this mindless act. Modiji must have said kin “zndu balm” logon ke sath pals pada hai, hey Ram!

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