Kind Acts during Lockdown #A-ZChallenge2020

The Corona Virus and this Lockdown have brought out the kind side of many people. So many stories of kindness are emerging. Many people are trying to help others in their individual capacities while others are trying to help as part of a group.

A Facebook group called Caremongers India was created to help people, especially the elderly and disabled during the lockdown. The group was created on 17th March and today they have 32,637 members. The group members are doing exceptional jobs throughout the country. I joined the group couple of weeks back as a volunteer. I am in charge of taking care of an 85-year-old single lady in my neighborhood.

The society where I live is also doing some amazing work. A community kitchen has been opened to serve food to the elderly people in our society who are unable to shop or cook on their own. They are also serving food to young people who cannot cook and used to depend on Swiggy or Zomato for their food. A lady in my building has taken the responsibility to feed the stray animals. In the absence of the restaurants, these animals were starving.

There are so many such stories. Do you know of any such story? Please share. I would love to read.


15 thoughts on “Kind Acts during Lockdown #A-ZChallenge2020

  1. souwesterly001 says:

    On a practical note, how would one go about finding ways to help vulnerable people or support food banks without knowing people? It’s wonderful hearing about all these things, but how the fuck does one get involved? We need things like that in the UK to get bored unemployed people to get doing good. Thanks for sharing that group. I guess India hasn’t got lockdown exit strategy

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  2. Anupriya Gupta says:

    Kindness around me is one thing I am trying to focus on during these strenuous times. And I am lucky to be finding it in abundance.


  3. Unishta says:

    It’s amazing how people are innately kind and it o lu take mishaps to bring this out . Kudos to you Balaka for looking after the 85 year old . You will be blessed


  4. Anagha Yatin says:

    Thanks for sharing the information about the Caremongers group. I would like to join the initiative for sure.
    In the wake of tough times the soft side of human nature has come to shore. It gives me the vibes that together we can slay the monster Corona with shared responsibilities!


    • Balaka says:

      I haven’t been able to meet her. So far ordered groceries online for her, did her mobile recharge once and one day sent food through my building watchman as we are not allowed to go out. The watchman left the food to the watchman of her building. Few other from caremongers are rotating food for her. Now, her maid has come to stay with her, so she is being taken care of. I would suggest all to join caremonger, they are doing some great work.


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