Netflix and Chill during Lockdown

The common impression is that everybody is home and they are doing a lot of ‘Netflix and Chill’. However, for people like us, I am on the way to even forget the spelling of Netflix. Is it single ‘x’ or double ‘x’?

I don’t think I have ever worked so much in life. I do not have maids now, husband and son are home and I am also blogging and doing my regular work. So, I am spending my day cooking, cleaning, dusting, mopping, chopping, homeschooling the kid, working part-time as husband’s ‘unsexy’ secretary and then blogging and attending calls of patients. With all these going on I have very little time for Netflix. Usually, my Netflix time is the time I spend stuck in Mumbai traffic. I have completed a few entire series during the commute. Now, with no travel, there is no time to watch any series.

Some people are even watching the Ramayana and Mahabharata, we haven’t had the time to do that also. Nevertheless, even amidst all this humdrum, I did watch a few things.

Panchayat: This series on Amazon prime is a fresh and honest story about a city boy Abhishek Tripathi who joins as the secretary of a Panchayat. The story is hilarious and there are scenes that had me in splits. The acting of Neena Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav is excellent. If you have not yet watched it then please do yourself a favor. You will love this series.

Parasite: This multiple Oscar-winning Korean movie is also streaming in Amazon. I couldn’t resist watching it and it was worth my time. I watched it in three installments due to lack of time. It is a dark comedy. The first half was more of comedy but midway the movie turns grim. The cinematography is amazing where the camera angle always shows a line between the rich and poor characters signifying the invisible border of the society.

Thanks for Sharing: I love to watch movies of Mark Ruffalo and this is one of his best. The movie revolves around three men who meet at a de-addiction center. All three suffer from sex addiction, the character of Mark has been sober for five years and he becomes the sponsor of a younger doctor who gets fired from his job for his addiction. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the love interest of Ruffalo.

This is all that I watched in the last 35 days. What did you watch?


21 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill during Lockdown

  1. Arushi Seth says:

    I also do not know how people are getting time for watching Netflix and other things. I think i am hopeless at managing my time. I have seen Special Ops on Hotstar which i highly recommend, mentalhood and the seige on Zee 5. Hope can catch some more before the lockdown ends

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  2. Namratha Varadharajan says:

    A telugu detective movie with subtitles watched over 4 installments
    Love actually (just cause it was there on netflix or prime) over a week! No clue how many installments
    Currently watching Young Sheldon season 3 cause it is around 20 minutes episodes and perfect for my tea and relaxation time

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  3. the bespectacled mother says:

    I had too forgotten about Netflix for a long time during this lockdown. There wasn’t just enough time and mental space to remember it. Then one day, when I happened to recall it, I couldn’t settle my mind in what to watch. With the times being heavy already, I didn’t want to watch anything grey, serious or high drama. When I veered towards light watches and romcoms, they felt frivolous. I have just watched one Tamil film of Dulquer Salman and Panchayat.

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  4. Anagha Yatin says:

    I watched the pile of used pots and pan go on a high tide and low tide in my kitchen sink. I watched my children fight and bond over everything and giving me ample opportunity to hone my judgement skills. I watched the sunrise every day and birds chirp. For our TV is sold as a part of the windup operation. Add to that the fact that laptops and mobile are busy assisting my children for their online schooling and classes!

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  5. Unishta says:

    I haven’t watched a single movie ! The only TV o watch is in passing either my grand daughter’s Nick Jr or my Husband’s passion for news surfing ….. and like you I am also doing all the housework.

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  6. Shweta Suresh says:

    You are right. Without my maid and with all the cooking and cleaning, I have a lot of work to do these days. One reason why I have a lot of reading to catch up! I’ve been hearing about Panchayat and Parasite too. But I am yet to watch them. Once the A2Z challenge is over, I’ll be able to see them finally!

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